Alfred State’s Dr. Jakobi publishes book on animals, plants, and other life forms

Printer-friendly version Posted Date: Tuesday, May 2, 2017 - 14:00

Retired Alfred State Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Steven Jakobi has published a new book on Amazon's CreateSpace platform. Titled “Birds, Bats, Bugs, Beavers, Bacteria: Lessons from Nature,” this collection of 37 essays spans the spectrum of life from viruses and bacteria to plants and animals.

“The stories not only touch on the lives and habits of the organisms themselves, but also delve into folklore, myth, and the history of discovery by people who advanced scientific knowledge,” Jakobi said. “The stories also highlight how life has solved many of the technical and engineering problems that people are currently working on, and the lessons we can learn from even the simplest of creatures.”

Each essay is presented in a short (three to 10 pages), nontechnical fashion, and includes autobiographical sketches of how biology has shaped the author's life and attitudes. An earlier version of this book was published in 2015 as “Giorgio the 'Possum and Other Stories from Nature,” but this new volume has up-to-date information, seven additional stories and pen-and-ink drawings made by the author. “Birds, Bats, Bugs, Beavers, Bacteria: Lessons from Nature” is available from Amazon, on Kindle, or can be ordered from retail outlets.

Steven Jakobi, PhD, has taught biology and environmental science for 30 years. His love of biology and nature began at a young age in his native Hungary. Although retired from full-time teaching, he continues to serve as adjunct instructor at Alfred State.