Alfred State Holds Collaborative Animal Handling Seminar for Alfred University Students

Posted Date: 
Monday, June 23, 2014 - 8:45am

Alfred University attended a hands-on training collaboration in Large Animal HandlingAlfred State's Center for Community Education and Training (CCET) offered two one-week large-animal handling seminars for Alfred University students to gain hands-on experience and training with large animals last month. These seminars were held May 12-16 and May 19-23, during which more than 20 Alfred University students from multiple majors walked away with new skills and practical experience.

This was the first collaborative large animal handling seminar sponsored by Alfred State for Alfred University, and it proved to be a unique experience for all. A comprehensive yet intensive course, topics covered included biosecurity, animal science, stockmanship, applied biology, rural sociology, production economics, and even anthropology. Students were also introduced to Amish/English cooperation and worked with multiple species—cattle, hogs, sheep, alpacas, chickens, and horses.