History Professor Authors New Novel, Jewel of the East

Posted Date: 
Tuesday, October 1, 2013 - 10:30am

Gripping Romance-Adventure Set in 18th Century India

Dr. Nicholas WaddyDr. Nicholas L. Waddy, associate professor of History at Alfred State, has published his first novel, Jewel of the East, which is described as “a moving, masterful work of historical fiction, full of vivid characters, intense action, exotic settings, heartwarming romance, and wry humor.”

The setting of the novel is British India in the late 18th century. The plot revolves around Lady Emily Augusta Fitzroy, “a beautiful but melancholy young noblewoman, packed off to India by her father in order to marry...the tyrannical Governor of Bengal.” Before reaching Calcutta, Lady Emily is kidnapped by pirates. Colonel Charles Edward Fuller, a ruthless covert agent, is sent to rescue her, with the assistance of his handsome native lieutenant, Mr. Neelan. Neelan and Lady Emily soon become lovers, but the Colonel is unwilling to give up his “prize.” The result is a violent struggle between Colonel Fuller and Neelan for Lady Emily's heart, body, and soul...

Dr. Waddy has taught courses in European and World history for more than 10 years as an associate professor at Alfred State in Alfred, NY. Although Jewel of the East is his first novel, he is the author of numerous articles and one book and is currently writing a Western Civilization textbook. His writing style “features a passion for psychologically-revealing character development; steady infusions of fast-paced action; a fluid, narrative approach to storytelling; a knack for including accurate historical and cultural details; a sensitivity to the moral complexities faced by people in extreme situations; and a determination to draw positive lessons even from tragic circumstances.” Waddy lives in Geneseo, NY.

To learn more about Jewel of the East, simply visit Amazon, www.facebook.com/jewelnovel, or jewelnovel.blogspot.com. Dr. Waddy is available for interviews and book signings on request. He can be reached by phone: 1-585-245-2302 or email: NLWaddy@yahoo.com.