Area Students Compete at 24th Annual SkillsUSA Conference Held at Alfred State

Approximately 900 students from Region I BOCES (Board of Cooperative Education and Services) districts encompassing Western New York and the Southern Tier, competed in the 24th Annual SkillsUSA Region I Leadership Conference and Skills Olympics March 5 at Alfred State.

The winners of this regional competition will advance to the next level of competition at the On-Center in Syracuse, where all six regions in New York State will meet to attempt to qualify for the national competition in Kansas City in June. A postsecondary SkillsUSA state competition will take place on the Wellsville Campus on Saturday, April 6.

Competition areas ranged from advertising design to welding. Alfred State faculty, staff, and students judged the competitions and competitors from the following schools attended:

Genesee Valley (Batavia); Career and Technical Education Center at Belmont; Lakeshore/ Carrier Educational Center (Angola); CG May Vocational Center (Mt. Morris); Greater Southern Tier (GST) BOCES, Coopers Campus (Painted Post); EMCC (Eastern Monroe Career Center, Fairport); Ellicottville CTE Center; GST BOCES Pauline Bush Campus (Elmira); Harkness Center (Cheektowaga); Hewes Educational Center (Ashville); Ken-Ton Center (Tonawanda); LoGuidice (Fredonia); Niagara (Sanborn); Olean CTE Center; Orleans (Medina); WD Ormsby Center (East Aurora); Potter Career and Technical Center (West Seneca); Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES (Newark); WE-MO-CO Occupational-Technical Center (Spencerport); and GST BOCES, Wildwood Campus (Hornell).

An awards ceremony honored the following winners:

Action Skills

  • Jessica Berardicurti, WE-MO-CO, first place
  • Desiree Kennedy, Lake Shore/Carrier, second place
  • Patience Boris, Coopers, third place

Advertising Design

  • Jacob Beadle, EMCC, first place
  • Kaitlin Preston, GST Wildwood, second place
  • Colton Wilhem, Coopers, third place

Animal Careers

  • Dakota Hecht, WD Ormsby, first place
  • Kristina Pollutro, WD Ormsby, second place
  • Amelia Stahowiak, WD Ormsby, third place

Auto Body Helper

  • Austin Cramer, Hewes, first place
  • Nate Stressing, WD Ormsby, second place
  • Zach Randolph, WE-MO-CO, third place

Auto Service

  • Josh Krenzer, GV Batavia, first place
  • Matt Peryea, WE-MO-CO, second place
  • Taylor Turcotte, EMCC, third place

Auto Technology

  • Josh Osberg, Potter, first place
  • Peter Thompson, WD Ormsby, second place
  • Randy Tubbs, Potter, third place

Automated Manufacturing Technology

  • Dan Nugent, Niagara, first place
  • Nick Hawkins, Niagara, first place
  • Alexander Burns, Niagara, first place
  • Ryan Daul, Niagara, second place
  • Robert Schimshack, Niagara, second place
  • Jacob Farmer, Niagara, second place
  • Nicholas Zagmester, Orleans, third place
  • Alex Volchow, Orleans, third place
  • Ben Walker, Orleans, third place

Carpenter's Assistant 

  • Jesse Marsh, GST Bush, first place
  • David Hare, WE-MO-CO, second place
  • Justin McMillion, WE-MO-CO, third place


  • Nick Gibney, WD Ormsby, first place
  • Roman Baranov, Niagara, second place
  • Zachary Wodo, Orleans, third place

Collision Repair

  • Zach Davis, Hewes, first place
  • Nikolay Lukomskiy, WE-MO-CO, second place
  • Dominick LeMoine, LoGuidice, third place

Commercial Baking

  • Ashton Drought, WE-MO-CO, first place
  • Connor Rand, EMCC, second place
  • Renee Leggett, Niagara, third place

Computer Maintenance

  • Davidson Mott, GST Bush, first place
  • Thomas Nichols, Coopers, second place
  • Matthew Willig, Coopers, third place


  • Jason Gerety, Niagara, first place
  • Jacob Webster, Hewes, second place
  • Zachary Parlier, Niagara, third place

Cosmetology Jr.

  • Candace Orton, Orleans, first place
  • Leiah Mesch, WD Ormsby, second place
  • Brianna Alaimo, EMCC, third place

Cosmetology Sr.

  • Veronica Munoz, EMCC, first place
  • Cori Glendenning, WD Ormsby, second place
  • Madilyn Forshee, WE-MO-CO, third place

CPR/First Aid

  • Alyssa Posner, EMCC, first place
  • Alan Coughlin, Niagara, second place
  • Ryan Bobzin, EMCC, third place

Criminal Justice

  • Kiera Smith, Niagara, first place
  • Autumn Stock, GST Wildwood, second place
  • Thomas Abbey, Coopers, third place


  • Kyle Piscitelli, Hewes, first place
  • Harleigh Moon, Hewes, first place
  • Jasman Campbell, Hewes, first place
  • Samantha Carrigan, GST Bush, second place
  • Alexi Williams GST Bush, second place
  • Taylor McIntyre, GST Bush, second place
  • Sarah Lewis, Niagara, third place
  • Angela Guerra, Niagara, third place
  • Miranda Manning, Niagara, third place

Culinary Arts

  • Kimberly Ortiz, Niagara, first place
  • Chelsea Babcock, LoGuidice, second place
  • Blaise Russotti, EMCC, third place

Custom Painting & Graphics

  • Rebecca Bell, Potter, first place
  • Kenten Smith, Ellicottville, second place
  • Sue Kohn, Kenton, third place

Diesel Mechanics

  • Austin Halligan, WD Ormsby, first place
  • Kevin DeMaison, Orleans, second place
  • Garrett Van Lieshout, Orleans, third place

Early Childhood

  • Haley Grace, Ellicottville, first place
  • Kathryn Vartan, EMCC, second place
  • Alissa Connolly, Orleans, third place

Electrical Construction & Wiring

  • Jon Romani, Potter, first place
  • Kaid Green, Wayne, second place
  • Jacob Pudlewski, Harkness, third place

Electronics Technology

  • Seth Heath, Orleans, first place
  • Corey Clow, WE-MO-CO, second place
  • Nick McMullen, GV Batavia, third place

Employment Application

  • Kristin O’Grady, WE-MO-CO, first place

Extemporaneous Speech

  • Rob Williams, WE-MO-CO, first place
  • Victoria Dudkowski, Orleans, second place
  • Michelle Anderson, Potter, third place

Food Prep Assistant

  • Tiffany Clark, Niagara, first place
  • Mahkya Searles, Coopers, second place
  • Jennifer Basch, Wayne, third place

Health Knowledge Bowl

  • Orleans, first place
  • Olean, second place
  • WE-MO-CO, third place

Job Demo A

  • Josh Baptiste, Niagara, first place
  • Rebecca Volmy, Niagara, second place
  • Garrett LaValley, Wayne, third place

Job Demo Open

  • Anna Maria Grapevine, Coopers, first place
  • Katelyn Davies, LoGuidice, second place
  • David Banister, WE-MO-CO, third place

Job Interview

  • Paige Casey, EMCC, first place
  • Brittany Manicki, Orleans, second place
  • Kayla Matthews, EMCC, third place

Nail Tech

  • Angelina Maine, Olean, first place
  • Brooke WEitzel, Model, first place
  • Caly Vargas, WE-MO-CO, second place
  • Monique McFArland, Model, second place
  • Rebekah Miller, GV Batavioa, third place
  • Kristie Norton, Model, third place


  • Zachary DUnton, EMCC, first place
  • Allison Pratt, GST Wildwood, second place
  • Aubrey Loguasto, GST Wildwood, third place

Precision Heavy Equipment

  • Kevin Schwartz, GST Wildwood, first place
  • Craig Lewis, GST Wildwood, second place
  • Chris La Fountain, WE-MO-CO, third place

Prepared Speech

  • Cassidy Rohde, Orleans, first place
  • Sydney Chester, GV Batavia, second place
  • Krystina Brown, WE-MO-CO, third place

Quiz Bowl

  • GST Bush, first place
  • Niagara, second place
  • WE-MO-CO, third place

Related Technical Math

  • Ryan Niedermeier, Potter, first place
  • Wyatt Wolf, Niagara, second place
  • Morgan Valentine, Orleans, third place

Restaurant Services

  • Jared Fish, GST Bush, first place
  • Felicia Gane, Niagara, second place
  • Jennifer Seeman, WE-MO-CO, third place

Small Engines

  • Joshua Booth, GST Wildwood, first place
  • Kasey Wetmore, GST Wildwood, second place
  • Edward Buchanan, Coopers, third place

T-Shirt Design

  • Anyssa Roy, Coopers, first place
  • Veronique Hurlbutt, WE-MO-CO, second place
  • Dan Hogan, Coopers, third place

Technical Drafting

  • Brandon Bryniarski, Ellicottville, first place
  • Taylor Miller, Ellicottville, second place
  • Devin Vancleef, Finger Lakes, third place

TV/Video Production

  • Madeline Bancroft, GST Wildwood, first place
  • Brock Dowdle, GST Wildwood, first place
  • Brandon Wilson, GST Bush, second place
  • Tobias Quinn, GST Bush, second place
  • Andrea Smith, SE-MO-CO, third place
  • Jeff Martin, WE-MO-CO, third place


  • Sean Burke, LoGuidice, first place
  • Michael Robins, Niagara, second place
  • Miriah Guady, GV Batavia, third place