National Popular Vote Explained at Honors Program

Alfred State President John Anderson, assisted by daughter Katie Anderson, met recently with Alfred State Honors Program members to explain the ‘national popular vote’ movement regarding the election of the president of the U.S. Since the United States earliest days, votes in the Electoral College, not the actual votes of citizens, have decided presidential elections. Katie Anderson works for the nonprofit organization, Support Popular Vote, founded by Alfred State alum and Rochester businessman Tom Golisano. Anderson acts as manager of the national student outreach program. Support Popular Vote and similar organizations are working to pass state legislation so that presidential elections will be decided by the actual number of popular votes instead of Electoral College votes. Former Vice President Al Gore, among others, supports the popular vote movement. Gore won the popular vote in the 2000 election but ultimately lost the Electoral College vote.

Honors Program members

Picture L to R:
Simon Gaston, electrical engineering technology (BS), Keuka Park; Jarid Denning, autobody repair, Olean; Andrew Brooks, business administration, Hornell; Katie Anderson; Sarah Hoff, engineering science, Lake View; Courtney Cardinal, forensic science technology, Depew; Chris McAneney, forensic science technology, Hornell; President Anderson.