Student “Cookie Gram” Valentine Fundraiser For New Culinary Arts Building

Danielle Lawrence with her cookie creationsProving that love entails not only feelings for another person (or people), Danielle Lawrence, Oakhurst, CA, a culinary arts: baking, production and management student at Alfred State College, demonstrated her love for her chosen profession as well as her love for her alma mater, by developing a plan to use her baking skills to help folks on campus celebrate Valentine’s Day while also supporting a new Culinary Arts Building fundraising initiative. Danielle used her ingenuity and decided to do a “Cookie Gram” Valentine fundraiser that was offered to the students to be delivered to friends on campus via their campus mailboxes on Valentine’s Day. She also opened this offer to staff and faculty for delivery to their offices. The price was set for $1.25 for two hand-decorated sugar cookies beautifully wrapped in cellophane with an attached handwritten note from the sender. Danielle and other volunteers (Bailey Stewart, Akron; Kirmani Scott, Rochester; Rachel Wurthman, Alden; and Sarah Herman, Alexander) set up booths in the cafeteria on the Wellsville Campus as well as at the Central Dining Hall on the Alfred Campus. Danielle received 240 orders of two cookies each, meaning 480 cookies to be baked, hand-decorated, packaged, and delivered! More than 55 hours of planning and work went into the project. As a result of all the hard work, $246.65 was added to the building fund. “I’m really proud of her and her classmates,” said Deb Burch, associate professor, Culinary Arts Department. “It never fails to inspire and amaze me when I see what our students can do.”