Farwell and Joyce-Middaugh Named to Board of Educational Foundation of Alfred, Inc.

Beth FarwellVictoria Joyce-MiddaughBeth Farwell and Victoria Joyce-Middaugh, both of Wellsville, have been named to the board of the Educational Foundation of Alfred, Inc. As board members, they will contribute their skills to the management of the property affairs, business, and concerns of the corporation; they will also participate in the adoption of resolutions and regulations for the conduct of the management of the affairs of the corporation.

The Educational Foundation of Alfred, Inc., is a private foundation representing faculty, staff, and friends of Alfred State College dedicated to improving the ASC community through the support of educational programs. The Foundation provides monetary support to enhance learning opportunities for students through scholarships, work grants, and academic club activities. The Applied Technology campus in Wellsville is owned and maintained by the Educational Foundation. The Foundation funds the house projects used as hands-on laboratories for many applied technology students. As part of the community outreach, the Foundation supports student projects, which provide real world experiences and enhance local properties and facilities.

The activities pursued by the Educational Foundation of Alfred, Inc., are governed by the board of directors made up of representatives from the following groups: alumni, ASC College Council, faculty and staff, and friends of the college. All directors serve three-year terms and may be re-elected. Foundation officers and members serve without compensation.

Farwell serves as support magistrate for Allegany County. She is a member of the Allegany County Bar Association and a former member of the David A. Howe Library and Allegany County United Way boards. She will serve on the Foundation’s By-Laws and Finance committees.

She holds a JD from SUNY Buffalo School of Law and a BS from Taylor University.

Middaugh is the owner of Middaugh Real Estate, Inc., of Wellsville and a rehabilitation specialist for Alfred Housing. She will serve on the Foundation’s Property and Public Relations committees.

She studied real estate and residential wiring at Alfred State College and earned a welding certificate from Lincoln Electric Welding School, Euclid, OH.