Q&A with Ginette Cornett

Ginette CornettSophomore soccer player Ginette Cornett (Potsdam) recently answered some questions from the sports information department about the Lady Pioneer soccer season.

What are your personal and team goals for the post season this year?

I've never really cared how many points I got at the end of the season, but for every game I do set standards for myself such as contributing to as much of the play as I can, always going hard and taking advantage of the other teams mistakes, distributing the ball and taking shots when possible. A successful game for me is one where I can say I went hard the entire time and encouraged others to do the same. I set team goals game to game as well. If we did something poorly in the previous game, myself and the other captains try and harp on correcting it. Obviously every season I want my team to make it to playoffs and do whatever we can to make it as far as possible, and that's what I definitely plan on doing this year because it'll be my last.

Describe how you feel about the season so far?

Well I think everyone was a little scared considering the lack of players, but everyone this year really pulls their own and at least for me they have all exceeded my expectations. I'm lucky to be playing with such a driven group of girls. 

What is your favorite part of being a Student – Athlete at Alfred State College?

My favorite part of being a student-athlete here is just preparing for the game. It's all such a rush of different emotions and adrenaline that you can't get anywhere else. I'm fortunate to be playing the game I love and also be able to keep up with my academics.

What do you do before a game to prepare yourself to step on the field?

Well before every game I usually call home and talk to my family, they are always a great source of moral support. I like to get my team going along with myself though, always asking everyone if they're ready to go for the next 90 minutes. I guess I just have a lot of mental preparation that many people don't see. I'm secretly a nervous wreck before each game.

What is your major here at Alfred State College? Why did you choose this major?

I'm currently a Vet Tech major at Alfred State and I honestly love it. It is a struggle at times, but I love all my professors and just the program in general is very well put together. They all make it a comfortable environment and are always more than willing to help, which i'm very thankful for because the work load can be overwhelming at times. I've always been interested in animals though, mostly the anatomical and physiological  aspects of them though. The science behind this major is truly fascinating, and I plan on continuing my education after I'm done at Alfred.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Well i'll probably still be going to school unfortunately, but by then I hope to have a clue about what I want to do with my life. It would be ideal in 5 years just be doing something I love with all the my family and friends happy and healthy.

Quick Hits:

How many FB friends do you have: 741

Any Nick Names: g, gg, peanut, g-nut

Favorite Pre Game Meal: My mom's Fettucini Alfredo

Favorite off Day Activity: Napping!

Favorite Class at Alfred State College: Pathophysiology of animal diseases