Topcon Positioning Systems Host Demonstration and Donate Equipment

Topcon Positioning Systems demonstration

Alfred State College’s surveying engineering technology program received a visit from Topcon Positioning Systems representatives who hosted a demonstration of Topcon equipment incorporating the latest technology in the land surveying field, including Global Positioning System (GPS), laser scanners, and integrated robotic total stations. One of the representatives, Mike Neff, is a 1994 Alfred State graduate in the baccalaureate-level surveying engineering technology program. In addition to surveying engineering technology program students, instructors and students from the School of Applied Technology, Wellsville campus, also attended the seminar. Additionally, through the generous efforts of the Topcon representatives and the corporation itself, an equipment donation was made to the surveying engineering technology program: a digital level, a total station, and a robotic total station. All the equipment was a welcome addition that will help keep the students current in their discipline and will be immediately employed in multiple courses within the curriculum. The value of the donated equipment is approximately $40,000. This gift is especially welcome now, during New York State’s fiscal crisis, as it helps Alfred State College keep up with current surveying technology.