Timberframe Structure Placed on Applied Technology Campus

Timberframe StructureAlfred State College students enrolled in the building construction program were on hand recently to watch as LC Whitford, Wellsville, lent a hand (or rather, a highlift forklift) in placing a timberframe structure at the entrance of the Electrical Building on the Applied Technology Campus, Wellsville.  This structure was chosen for this year's project for Leon Buckwalter's, assistant professor, Building Trades Department, comparison of framing techniques class. The design was done by Mossien Architects, Rochester, who have done the Wellsville campus master planning and also the arbor frame by the Administration Building. The white oak timbers were sourced locally at Eddy Lumber on the Vander Mark Road, Alfred Station, and were trucked to an Amish mill, Miller Lumber in Belfast, for planing before delivery to the Student Activity Center Building in Wellsville soon after Christmas break. The fabrication was done entirely by students since the start of the spring semester, and pre-assembled as much as possible inside before moving the timbers out to the Electrical Building. Several sections were assembled on the ground and the main parts of the frame lifted into place using a forklift from LC Whitford. Most of the assembly has been completed, with the exception of a couple rafters. Tongue and groove lumber will be added as the first, visible-from-below layer over the rafters. There will be a roof only, no walls, and with no connection to the roof of the existing building.