Q & A with Brett Kozlowski

Alfred State College sophomore Brett Kozlowski (N. Tonawanda) has been a key contributor to the Alfred State College swimming program the past two seasons.  As the season moves forward, Kozlowski gives us some insights to the season.

After last year's All-American season, what are your goals for this season?  My goals for this season would be to break my 400 Individual Medley School record; help the team take 1st at this year's regional swim meet; and  be nominated male senior athlete of the year.

What characteristic is the most important to your success? The most important characteristic to my success would have to be my competiveness; I am constantly working hard to achieve my best for my team and for myself.

What attracted you to Alfred State College? I was very impressed with Alfred State's electrical program at the Wellsville campus.. I was also given the chance to meet with the swim team and talk to both the swimmers and the coach about the program. I also found all the choices to eat on campus; Taco Bell, Pizza Hut , KFC and Friendlys a definite plus.  

What are your plans for after Alfred State? I would like to get a job in the electrical field, hopefully working with Clipper Wind, putting up and maintaining wind turbines.

In a sport like swimming, how do you separate personal goals from team goals?  Swimming is a team sport as much as an individual one. The goal that I help encourage my teammates to achieve is the NJCAA national championships. Meanwhile my personal goals are to beat my best times and the best swimmers from other teams, as well as place the highest in my event to score the most points that I can for the team.

How do you get yourself ready for a big meet? For me, getting ready for a big meet starts the day before. At dinner I eat lots of pasta and go to bed early to get lots of rest. Then around lunch time I start getting focused, visually swimming my race through my head. I also put on music that pumps me up like Metallica, Staind, and Lostprophets. Then when I get to the pool I like to separate myself from the team to think about my events. After my races I like to stand by the edge of the pool and cheer on the rest of my teammates.

What would you say to someone to convince them to come watch a swim meet? It depend on who it is, if it was a girl I would say "Hey why don't you come watch a bunch of half naked guys swim in a pool," and if it were a guy I would say "Want to come watch one of the most difficult sports you will ever see".

Who has been your biggest influence?  One of my biggest influences would have to be my older brother Brad. He was always pushing me to swim my best and would give me tips to help me get ready to swim. He also helped me by swimming fast himself which pushed me to swim faster to beat his times. My other influences have been my coaches through the years mentally and physically pushing me to do the best I can. But overall I would have to thank my teammats, they help make swimming fun.

Name 3 people, past or present, that you would like to meet.  I would obviously like to meet Michel Phelps & Marc Spitz along with Steve Erwin.

Quick Hits:

Favorite pizza topping: Extra cheese

Favorite way to relax: Go skiing       

Favorite cartoon: Rugrats

Favorite actor: Eva Mendes 

Favorite band:  Cool Kids

Favorite late night snack: Quad stack toasted peanut butter sandwich