SPEC MIX® and QUIKRETE® of WNY Team with Alfred State College to Host SkillsUSA Masonry Competitions

Chris Cedeno, Shane Moore, Stephen Richard, Daniel and Tayden Richard

SPEC MIX® and QUIKRETE® of Western New York was a visible presence at the Western New York region high school SkillsUSA competition last semester, held at the Wellsville Applied Technology campus of Alfred State College, providing materials for the high school competition.  Additionally, SPEC MIX and QUIKRETE donated materials and solicited prizes for the NYS college-level SkillsUSA masonry competition again held at Alfred State College late last semester.

Shane Moore, sales representative for SPEC MIX and QUIKRETE of Western New York, attended each event, mixed mortar, and gave a presentation on mortar properties and specifications.  Moore was instrumental in getting a number of WNY suppliers to donate brick and masonry tools to use as prizes for the 11 college-level competitors. 

Stephen Richard, masonry instructor at Alfred State College, said, "Shane Moore, the  SPEC MIX and QUIKRETE sales representative, played a vital role in making this year's event exciting, challenging, and a masonry experience each of the competitors will never forget.  High school and college masonry instructors in New York are looking forward to the 2009 competitions because SPEC MIX and QUIKRETE will be on the team."

The high school winner was Matt Costello of Niagara Region BOCES.

The college-level winner was Steven Keefer of Alfred State College.