NYS Sen. Catharine Young Secures Funding for Alfred State College Student Center

Young and AndersonNYS Sen. Catharine M. Young, (R-Olean) visited the Alfred State College campus recently to announce $33.5 million in funding for a new student center on the campus. Sen. Young, long a friend of the college, successfully worked to get the funding put back into the state appropriations budget after it had been removed. The Alfred State Student Center will be the physical representation of the realization of Alfred State's vision of being nationally recognized as the college of choice for students seeking a technology-focused education (associate and baccalaureate level) and the preferred college for employers seeking graduates prepared to "hit the ground running."

"Alfred State College does a great job educating students," said Young. "But today's students expect a certain quality of life at college, and this new student center will help Alfred State meet those expectations. I'm pleased to know that the plans for the student center include encouraging leadership and civic responsibility so that students will not only be successful in their careers, but also in their lives."

Moving from a two-year college culture to a four-year college culture entails more than simply adding academic offerings, faculty, and staff. Interpersonal, social, and leadership skills need to be developed through personal interaction with many different people. These interactions provide the best instruction when the setting is a safe, comfortable gathering place. A student center will provide this gathering place that will naturally draw students and faculty together outside the classroom. The Student Center will complete a student's total college experience -- academic programs to expand knowledge, facilities to support quality educational experiences and sports activities, and the Student Center to grow the spirit.

Phase one of the project, the $5.5 million student area, has connected Central Dining Hall with the Allied Health Building and is open for students to gather all day and for events after the food service area closes. The new construction will connect the current Central Dining Hall with the Agriculture Science Building.

Alfred State College President Dr. John M. Anderson noted, "We're excited about the dramatic way our new facility will transform our campus culture into one that will emphasize student involvement and student leadership. The process we'll use for the design of the facility will be very inclusive, using the expertise of our faculty, staff, and students ... and we can't wait to get going!"

Echoing Anderson's sentiments, Young commented, "This is just the beginning of many wonderful things for Alfred State College."