Students Give Up A Meal

Benedict, Jacobs, GuinnipAlfred State College students once again participated in the Student Senate and ACES (Auxiliary Campus Enterprises and Services, the campus dining and vending organization) sponsored "Give Up A Meal" (GUAM) program whereby students who donate a "meal punch" help raise money for charity.   This semester's event, in which 593 students participated, raised $1,186 which was donated to the Pediatric Unit of Jones Memorial Hospital in Wellsville. Between WETD, the campus radio station, and MacKenzie North residence hall, over a dozen student staff members manned the various eateries on campus on March 13, 2008, encouraging 593 dining students to give that extra swipe.  This year's event, coordinated by Andre Jacobs, WETD general manager, and Yash Manraj, MacKenzie North RA/ WETD Webmaster, allowed Jones Memorial Hospital to purchase items to help pediatric patients pass the time while undergoing treatment or waiting for an appointment.  Among the items purchased:  crib carousels and baby swings for infants; Laugh and Learn Stride and Ride Walkers for two-year-olds; Etch-a Sketches and coloring books for six-year-olds; DVD/VHS player/TV and an assortment of disks and tapes for all ages; Play Station 2 games for older patients; and TY Beanie Babies, dolls, cars, etc. which could be distributed as needed, to comfort a child in the hospital.