Electrical Engineering Department Hosts Jamestown Technical Academy

The Electrical Engineering Department at Alfred State College recently hosted 15 high school students from the Jamestown Technical Academy for a day-long workshop which provided an overview of programs offered by that department.

Visiting students were treated to workshops in the following areas:  "What's a Watt," which delineated the differences between energy and power; "Computer Network Cabling," which illustrated the significance of good network infrastructure design and allowed the students a hands-on experience terminating cables; and "Robotics Experience," where students learned how to create autonomous robots.

Students were also treated to lunch in the college's Central Dining Hall and were given a campus tour.

Department Chair Michael Case noted, "Students today have a hard time deciding on which college to attend and which field of study to pursue. This day-long event gives students a chance to experience Alfred State College first hand and to see what types of programs are available to them in the Electrical Engineering Department."