Opening Remarks January 2008

Anderson and Rosati Alfred State College’s Orvis Auditorium was filled to capacity on Jan. 14 as the College’s new president, Dr. John M. Anderson addressed the campus community for the first time in his new role. After a standing ovation which visibly moved him, Dr. Anderson listed his goals for his first semester: an honest and transparent administration, collegial participation in the strategic planning process, development of a handful of achievable initiatives by semester’s end, and an environment of pride and respect in the ASC community. Dr. Anderson held several teaching and academic posts at Alfred State as well as administrative positions, including vice president for institutional advancement, dean of student development, and vice president for student services. Pictured here, Dr. Ronald R. Rosati, right, who has served as officer-in-charge during the search for a new president, “passes the torch” to Dr. Anderson.