Alumni Plaza Dedication

Bell Tower DedicationAlfred State College faculty, staff, students, and alumni spent an unseasonably warm afternoon on campus earlier this month to celebrate the dedication of the college's Alumni Plaza and the rededication of the newly renovated Walter C. Hinkle/Robert Couse Bell Tower.

Dr. Daniel Barwick, interim director of development who served as emcee of the event, welcomed the visitors and noted: "We celebrate today the restoration of the central feature of our campus: this tall and noble clock tower that has marked the passage of time at ASC and borne witness to the remarkable advances in the campus that have occurred since it was built. This clock, originally dedicated to our seventh president Walter C. Hinkle, has kept us on-time and on-task since 1973. But a 24-hour-a-day job takes its toll, and when the clock finally fell silent, alumnus Robert Couse, class of 1974, stepped forward to offer the support needed to restore the clock to working order.

"We also celebrate today the inauguration of our Alumni Plaza, a project designed to commemorate support of the college in a permanent, public, and decorative way. The bricks that surround the bell tower will eventually form a blanket of support over this entire plaza, and already there are more than four hundred bricks that have been inscribed to honor alumni, past and present faculty members, staff, departments, student organizations, and college advocates. This project is possible thanks to the support of Weckesser Brick Company, Inc., which has graciously provided these brick pavers at their cost, and we thank them for their generous support of the college."

Bell Tower DedicationDr. Ron Rosati, ASC provost and officer in charge, echoed Barwick's comments by noting "I also want to thank each and every one of you who has purchased a brick. This brick project seems unique to me: it is a giving opportunity for every supporter of the college. This isn't an academic initiative or an athletic one, or an initiative limited to those who are alumni or current students. This is an opportunity for everyone. These bricks contain messages honoring faculty, staff, alumni, current students, departments, programs, organizations, and friends who have passed on."

He went on to say, " Alfred State: we can reflect on the wonderful history of our first century, and we can look ahead to the wonderful opportunities that present themselves at the beginning of our second century."

Rosati also spoke for the campus community when he addressed Couse: "Bob, your generosity has restored an important part of our campus, and set a wonderful example of giving for all of us who love Alfred State and want to advance the college."