Q&A with Kaila Smith

Kaila SmithAlfred State College three-sport athlete Kaila Smith (Alfred Almond) has scored one goal and has one assist on the women's soccer team thus far.  The Lady Pioneers are 3-4-1 on the year.

Smith was a member of the basketball team and the softball team and this season she has suited up in all eight of ASC's contests. 

Smith took time and answered some questions from athletic department intern John Zappolo.

What advantages are there for you because you are a local multi-sport athlete? I am able to go home anytime to pick up last minute equipment for my spur of the moment decisions to play a sport.

What challenges do you have to overcome as a multi-sport athlete? The overlapping of practices and the transition from one sport to the next are challenging.

What are some of the challenges off the court and field that you have to face? Definitely making sure I manage my time effectively.                            

Where do you find time for yourself in your busy schedule? I don't... Just kidding. I have spare time on Sundays.

How do you prepare for your next season while playing a different sport?  It's a day to day basis. When I'm in a soccer game soccer is the only thing on my mind. When I'm playing basketball the only thing I can think to play is basketball.

Quick Hits

Favorite Music: Oldies, 80's, Pop/Punk, Alternative/Acoustic, and Hip-Hop                             

Favorite Athlete: Lance Armstrong and Nick Flanagan (Golf)     

Favorite Movie: The Wedding Singer

Favorite Professor: Professor Foreman

Favorite Professional sports team: Miami Dolphins

Favorite Subject: Psychology