Pioneer Awards 2007

Several Alfred State College faculty and staff members were honored recently as recipients of the Pioneer Award which recognizes those members of the organization who demonstrate the following characteristics: commitment to the mission and goals of the college, meaningful and measurable positive impact on the college, role modeling, and a high level of performance. The award carries with it prize money of $225 for each recipient. The four categories of employees eligible for the award included support staff, maintenance and operational areas, academic and library, and non-instructional staff. This year's winners included Matthew Heller (University police officer II); Barbara Pierce (keyboard specialist II, Student Activities); Carolyn Pratt (cleaner, Facilities Services); and Tammy Wellington (senior staff assistant, Office of Enrollment Services).

Heller has served the College for more than 11 years. Over the course of several years, he has consistently and diligently exhibited a high level of performance in his position as a lieutenant: taking calls from staff with questions during all hours of the night, making calls to staff to ensure smooth operations at all hours of the day and night, and living the phrase "staying ‘til the job is done." Heller's commitment to the department is unquestionable and the role model he becomes for younger officers is stellar. Within the past year, through grit and persistence, Heller has solved significant investigations where little evidence existed at the onset. He is often called upon to switch roles frequently; responding officer, first-line supervisor, administrator, and any hat the situation calls for. Heller possesses a highly developed work ethic which requires no maintenance as he remains self-driven to perform at a high level without fanfare. Because his internal desire to help people and excel do not go unnoticed by his colleagues, Heller is very deserving of recognition for what he has done for the department. By setting the tone for the patrols, Heller is directly a part of the current safety our campus community enjoys.

Pioneer Award - PiercePierce, of Canaseraga, has been at the College for 14 years. She is an exemplary
employee who promotes a positive and enthusiastic work ethic. She is always ready and willing to assist and does so in a positive and encouraging manner.

Pierce is dedicated to students. Whether it's summer orientation, hot dog day, or setting up for a major concert, she is always in the thick of things directing and organizing and thinking of all of the "what ifs." She helps supervise 20 work study employees in addition to being a huge asset for the orientation leaders. Her knowledge of the people and the departments on campus makes her an excellent resource. Pierce is gracious in customer service as she manages the student emergency loans or sells last minute tickets to events. Her enthusiasm and school spirit make her an excellent role model.

Pioneer Award - PrattPratt, of Hornell, has been a member of the ASC community for 18 years. She is dedicated and committed to the college and the students. One example - one day, before a semester started, a non-traditional student was in Pioneer with her young children to get her books for the semester. She was frustrated to find the bookstore was closed. She was complaining that her frustration was so great, she had "just about had it" with her college experience. Pratt took the time to talk with the student, to try to find someone to help her and let her know when the bookstore would be open. The student certainly left less discouraged than she would have been without this personal touch. Pratt pitches in wherever she is needed. She floats from the Pioneer Center to Orvis, to the Library, to the President's House, leaving each place with 110% of her energy and effort. She has a strong work ethic and goes the extra mile to do a top quality job.

Pioneer Award - WellingtonWellington, of Arkport, has been employed at Alfred State for 10 years. She is described by her peers as a dedicated, caring, and compassionate employee. She demonstrates an exceptional commitment to the students and Alfred State by working tirelessly with department chairs, deans, and students to make sure every student has the required credits for graduation. She goes the extra mile to run reports and obtain needed statistical information for anyone making a request. Wellington's positive contributions to the College are constantly demonstrated in her continuous effort to do the best for every student in any way possible. She leaves no stone unturned when it will help a student succeed. She is a positive influence on
everyone she comes into contact with. Her long hours and tireless effort many times go unnoticed because she works behind the scenes. Wellington deserves recognition for her high level of performance, dedication to the students, and unwavering commitment to Alfred State College.