Math Competition April 2007

Alfred State College placed fourth in statewide competition during the New York State Mathematics Association of Two-Year Colleges (NYSMATYC) Math Contest. Additionally, individual achievers included Colin Coon who placed eighth of 651 spring participants statewide, and Kyler Star placed 12th for combined spring/fall participants! He was awarded a software package at the Regional NYSMATYC Conference held in April.

The spring portion of the annual NYSMATYC Math Contest was held in March. A total of 651 students from 20 NYS two-year colleges entered the competition with 49 Alfred students participating.

The contest consists of 20 questions (puzzles) to challenge the mathematical creative thinking skills at the pre-calculus level of mathematics. Participants are permitted the use of calculators but creators of the contest make every effort to create contest questions that test conceptual knowledge rather than calculator dexterity.

Each participating two-year school submitted the names and original answer sheets of students having the five highest scores for team competition. This spring the ASC team members were Colin Coon, Trumansburg; Kyler Star, Prattsburg; Paul Congdon, Bath; Dustin Falkner, Gainsville; Angela Corby, Horseheads; Sung-Ji Kim, Korea; and Tim Riehlman, Homer. All Alfred State team members placed in the top seven percent of the 651 college participants. Hudson Valley Community College was team champion for the spring event.

Rounding out the top 10 scores for Alfred State were William Hull, Anthony Wronka, and Daniel Brown.

The contest will take place again during the fall semester in early October 2007 and again during the spring semester in early March 2008.

Local contest coordinator, Elaine Nye, associate professor, and other faculty of the Mathematics/Physics Department thank all those who participated and congratulate those whose efforts aided Alfred in attaining the rank of fourth in the state.