Health Information Technology (AAS)

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Associate in Applied Science (AAS)
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online imageThis program is taught online.

Alfred State offers an online associate of applied science in health information technology (HIT) which combines a profession in health care with information technology.

Alfred State has offered traditional HIT courses on-campus since 1968 and has offered online courses since 1999.

Entrance Requirements & Recommendations: 

Required: high school biology or equivalent
Must be able to visually read computer monitor.
Must be able to use keyboard and mouse.
Recommended: Keyboarding, MS Office Professional
Must be able to attend Professional Practice Experience (PPE) courses including 160 hours at a health care facility within reasonable driving/travel distance to student’s home.

Graduation Requirements: 

HIT students are required to earn a grade of at least a "C" or better in each BIOL and MEDR prefix courses prior to placement in the PPEs. Students must also earn a grade of at least "C" in all BIOL, MEDR, COMP 1503, and BUAD 3153 courses to graduate from the HIT program.

Should a student fail MEDR or BIOL courses a second time: They may re-take MEDR and/or BIOL courses as a continuing education student. Then, upon successful completion with a "C" or better, students can apply for readmission to the HIT program. Or, students may re-take the BIOL/MEDR equivalent courses on-campus at Alfred State or at another college after first obtaining pre-approval of the course for transfer credit and then earning a grade of "C" or better.

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