Civic Engagement Advocates

Anthony J. GrandeAnthony J. Grande
Digital Media and Animation
Grand Island, NY
“I am excited to inspire people to use their individual hobbies, talents, and interests in order to achieve something great that will affect everyone in a positive way.”

Ryan MahdyRyan Mahdy
Human Service Management
Hornell, NY
“I am an advocate for equality! I would like to be able to assist others in fighting for what they would like to see changed in the community around them.”

Migdalia ColonMigdalia Colon
Architectural Technology
Brooklyn, NY
“I am very passionate about civic engagement. I feel it is a way of living: being able to give back and demonstrate your compassion and dedication for something bigger than yourself. I am especially excited to work as a Civic Engagement Advocate because it will allow me to show my creativity and passion that will in return get me started with my career path in life.”

Colten SeamansColten Seamans
Digital Media and Animation
Oneida, NY
“Earlier in the 2013 spring semester, I saw my fellow digital media student and friend, Tony, working on a logo design that he was doing an amazing job on. I got into the message that he was working at conveying with the logo and when I found out there was a position open to do digital media for this Student Leadership Center I was pumped. The opportunity to do the work that I love with the purpose of the Student Leadership Center behind it is great.”

Tim SinnottTim Sinnott
Business Administration
Sherman, NY
“I'm excited about working as a Civic Engagement Advocate because it allows me to work directly with the community on civic engagement projects. I also get to be a leader in civic engagement. I love helping others and finding ways to open others to think outward not inward through civic engagement.”