Social Change Model

Individual Values
Consciousness of Self Consciousness of self requires an awareness of personal beliefs, values, attitudes, and emotions. Self-awareness, conscious mindfulness, introspection, and continual personal reflection are foundational elements of the leadership process.
Commitment Commitment requires an intrinsic passion, energy, and purposeful investment towards action. Follow-through and willing involvement through commitment lead to positive social change.
Congruence Congruence requires that one has identified personal values, beliefs, attitudes, and emotions and acts consistently with those values, beliefs, attitudes, and emotions. A congruent individual is genuine and honest and "walks the talk."
Group Values
Collaboration Collaboration multiplies a group's effort through collective contributions, capitalizing on the diversity and strengths of the relationships and interconnections of individuals involved in the change process. Collaboration assumes that a group is working towards a Common Purpose, with mutually beneficial goals and serves to generate creative solutions as a result of group diversity, requiring participants to engage across difference and share authority, responsibility, and accountability for its success.
Common Purpose Common purpose necessitates and contributes to a high level of group trust involving all participants in shared responsibility towards collective aims, values, and vision.
Controversy with Civility Within a diverse group, it is inevitable that differing viewpoints will exist. In order for a group to work towards positive social change, open, critical, and civil discourse can lead to new, creative solutions and is an integral component of the leadership process. Multiple perspectives need to be understood, integrated, and bring value to a group.
Community Values
Citizenship Citizenship occurs when one becomes responsibly connected to the community/society in which one resides by actively working towards change to benefit others through care, service, social responsibility, and community involvement.