Create, Perform, Listen

Alfred State Instrumental Club and Alfred State Voices


Create, Perform, Listen’s mission is to promote music and music education through school and community involvement.


The vision is that students of all levels throughout a 10 county radius of Alfred State have access to music education and appreciation resources and events.

Create, Perform, ListenThis group focuses on helping, developing, and preserving music education on national, state, and local levels. Each year, music suffers in many communities where programs are being cut and there are no alternative opportunities for children and adults to learn about music. Specifically in the Alfred area, there are no music camps or other groups that meet outside of the school year to allow for continued learning. This group will provide everyone, not just children, an opportunity to participate in various workshops that include, but are not limited to, a weekend band camp, after school activities, community concerts, replacing music for other communities, and creating music for others to spread.

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