New Horizons Forum

New Horizons Events

There are currently no academic calendar events posted in this date range. Please check back later.

The New Horizons Forum is a series of presentations and a platform for faculty, students, professional staff, community members, and invited guests to present and reflect on recent scholarly, creative, or public service works of interest to the campus community and the public at large. The New Horizons Forum strives to:

  1. Dr. Kenneth Van Dine gives an overview of Haiti, its history, and its struggles.Enrich the intellectual, social, and cultural life of college.
  2. Provide for academically viable learning experiences.
  3. Examine difficult contemporary issues in an open and challenging manner.
  4. Increase levels of civic engagement on campus and beyond.
  5. Commit to continuous assessment and improvement of its offerings.
  6. Involve a wide spectrum of the Alfred State community.
  7. Make the college a respected center for informed thought and action.
  8. Encourage faculty and student collaborations.
  9. Promote multidimensional, interdisciplinary activities.
  10. Respect the free speech rights of all constituencies.



Advisory Board:

Haiti Relief Trip Spring 2010This is a largely volunteer effort. We are seeking support from the Alfred State community and interested sponsors. If you wish to become actively involved, please contact one of the co-chairs or advisers.