Housing and Lifestyle Choices

Thirteen residence halls, located in three geographic areas of the campus let you choose between suite and corridor style housing. Each residence hall provides laundry facilities, recreational equipment, vending machines, study areas, computer labs, and some facilities have kitchenettes. Each residence hall student must also subscribe to a College meal plan which entitles you to eat in one of our many on-campus dining facilities.

In addition, in August 2007 a $10 million townhouse complex offering apartment -style residence was opened. This area is primarily available to upper-level students offering private accommodations in six person apartments with full kitchen, living room, and two private bathrooms.

All residence hall rooms are equipped with outlets for cable TV, telephone, and Internet access. Wireless Internet access is also provided in all residence hall areas; please do not bring your own wireless access point or router as they interfere with the college-provided services.

Campus Lifestyle Choices

We believe your residence hall experience should suit you. That's why we offer various life-style areas:

No Smoking

All campus residence are smoke-free; this means no smoking in the bedrooms, public areas, or in the lounges.

Baccalaureate Lifestyle

Available in Peet Hall only. This lifestyle option provides an opportunity for students in the baccalaureate programs to reside together.

Substance-free Lifestyle

This lifestyle is designed for the student interested in living within a tobacco-free and alcohol-free area. All guests and visitors are also required to abide by the substance-free lifestyle while visiting the area. Each student signs a contract pledging to remain substance-free while living in this area. If you are not totally committed to the restrictions, this lifestyle is not for you.

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle is available in Shults Hall, which is a corridor style residence hall located near lower campus. There will be weekly programming on health and wellness related topics. Guest speakers tailored to student interest and opportunities for off-campus trips and volunteerism will be a part of this lifestyle.

24 and Over Lifestyle

This lifestyle option was created to address the special needs of non-traditional students, e.g., self-governed quiet hours and the ability to stay in the residence hall during breaks. Available in Main Gate B only.

Quiet Study

Guarantees a quiet area to study and reside. Mandatory 24-hour quiet. Stereos and other electronics are allowed at a minimal noise level. Areas are available in certain residence halls.

Over 21

A student must be 21 or older at the beginning of the academic year. This lifestyle is offered in select areas in MacKenzie West, MacKenzie North and Main Gate A.

Living and Learning Community

As a first-year student, you have the opportunity to become a member of our leadership, architecture, or nursing living and learning community. Take the knowledge you are acquiring in the classroom and connect it with experiences outside the classroom, making you more prepared to tackle your college experience than other students!

Single-room Option

Offered in MacKenzie, Getman and Robinson/Champlin halls on a first-come, first-served basis. Freshmen students have limited access to and are discouraged from seeking this lifestyle option. There is an additional cost for this option.

Townhouse Style Living

Apartment-style living for sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Pet-Friendly Residence

Alfred State is excited to announce a fall 2012 pilot project that will allow students the privilege of having family pets live with them on campus. This new option will allow freshmen and continuing/returning students living on the first floor of Robinson/Champlin Hall the opportunity to have their dog (under 40 pounds), cat, or rabbit as a roommate. R/C Hall is a singles only accommodation and the pilot is limited to 23 rooms. Pet ownership is a privilege and selection to participate will be determined by an initial application and the satisfaction of certain requirements. A successful experiment is contingent upon the willingness of students to abide by established policies. Participants should be aware that policies will be modified and adapted as needed. For complete information, please see the pet-friendly residence policy.

Extended Stay Options

Six areas on campus are designated as extended stay facilities. Extended stay is an option for international students and students who have either no permanent address or whose home is a great distance from campus. With the Office of Residential Life's permission, students in extended stay areas can maintain residence from the beginning of classes until the end of the academic year at no additional cost. Specially designated areas in MacKenzie South, Robinson/Champlin, Burdick Hall, Shults Halls, Main Gate B, and the Townhouses offer extended stay areas. Students requiring break housing who live outside of those designated areas are required to temporarily relocate to extended stay areas during academic recess. Normal services, including health services and dining, are not available over breaks so students will need to access comparable services elsewhere.

Residence Hall Staffing

A Resident Assistant (RA) lives on every wing, floor, or within a set of suites. RAs are carefully chosen and trained. Their roles include peer mentoring, programming, conflict mediation, resource person, and hall and school policy enforcer.

Each residence hall has a live-in Resident Director (RD) who is responsible for everything that goes on in the building. They serve as a liaison between students, faculty, parents, and college administrative personnel.

Safety and Security in the Residence Halls

We're dedicated to maintaining a safe campus environment. That's why:

  • We staff each residence hall from 8 p.m. until 1 a.m. on weeknights, 3 a.m. on weekend nights. Guests, visitors, and building residents must sign in when entering each residence hall after 10 p.m.
  • Each overnight visitor must be registered and have a card filled out by the resident they are visiting. Visitation is limited to 72 hours in a ten day period and overnight visitation can only occur with the roommates permission.
  • We conduct periodic fire drills, to ensure that systems are working and residents know the proper evacuation procedures.
  • We perform building rounds hourly. Anything questionable is taken care of or logged in the rounds report for review by the Residence Director.
  • Our University Police Department is open 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. You can reach an officer from any campus phone or from the "blue lights" located on campus grounds.
  • Alfred State College has a 911 service, accessible by any campus phone.