Greek Life

Greek Governance

The Greek Community at Alfred State is governed by Greek Senate, a student-led organization comprised of representatives from individual Greek chapters with a shared vision and common goals that reflect the community’s ideals and values. The goal of Greek Senate is to uphold the four pillars of Greek life: Scholarship, Service, Leadership, Brotherhood and Sisterhood.

The Four Pillars


Alfred State Greeks are first and foremost committed to academics. In order to begin the pledging process, a student is required to have a 2.0 cumulative andprevious semester GPA. Each organization has an Academic Intervention Plan, to create a culture of academic success while establishing incentives for scholastic excellence. With the support of the Greek Senate Academic Chair, every chapter works to develop study, test taking, and time management skills in its members. See related press release.


The Alfred State Greek Community prides itself on giving back to the college and the surrounding communities. Greek Senate coordinates several philanthropic and community service events, and each chapter has its own standard for community service within the organization. In the 2009-2010 academic year, Greek organizations contributed over 7,300 hours of service to the local community. Annually, Greeks lead the campus in community engagement, by contributing time, energy, and fundraising efforts at events like New Student Move-In, the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life, and Alfred’s annual Hot Dog Day community celebration. Greek organizations also organize opportunities for all students to make a difference, through the Red Cross campus blood drives and the Take Back the Night rally to raise awareness about domestic violence.


Involvement in Greek Life at Alfred State offers an unparalleled opportunity for leadership development. Each chapter has several officer-level positions and opportunities for members to demonstrate initiative and responsibility. In addition to the leadership roles within Greek organizations, Greeks participate in a campus-wide Leadership Retreat in the fall semester to identify and strengthen individual leadership styles while fostering a positive dynamic in the Greek Community overall.

Brotherhood and Sisterhood

Alfred State Greeks are a family. Alumni and active members get together several times a year for important events such as initiation each semester, Greek Alumni Weekend in the fall, and Hot Dog Day in the spring. Chapters also collaborate to host mixers, socials, and all-Greek recruitment events throughout the year. Each year, members of Greek Senate honor a Greek Man and Greek Woman of the Year, based on votes from all of the chapters.

Greek Life Policies

Given the standards of success associated with fulfilling the four pillars of Greek life, the college has a strict policy regarding pledging Greek fraternities and sororities. Please note the following:

  • First-semester students may not rush and/or pledge any fraternity or sorority. To be eligible to pledge, students must have a prior semester and cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher.
  • Transfer students must bring a minimum of 12 credit hours from their previous institution to be eligible for first semester pledging.

Part of determining eligibility includes a status check and a consultative process with faculty to insure academic success with the transition to Greek Life.

The Greek Life Relationship Statement

In January 2008, members of the college administration and representatives of the Greek Community met over the course of three days to develop a definitive document that captures the expectations for Greek Life at Alfred State. The philosophy and campus standards policy that resulted is known as the Campus Relationship Statement (PDF). The central themes of this relationship identify scholarship, leadership, philanthropy and community service, and brotherhood/sisterhood as the core components of Greek life at Alfred State. During the January 2009 Greek Alumni Festival, an educational session (PDF) further explained our mutual expectations.

In January 2010, the fruits of the college's efforts were realized. At the conclusion of the fall 2009 semester, the median grade point average for all Greeks exceeded the all-college grade point average, as did the all-male and all-female Greek GPAs. This is a significant step forward in Greek Life and our students should be commended for their commitment to academics.

In order to assess the effectiveness of Greek organizations in attaining the mutually agreed standards, a rubric-based tool to measure attainment was developed in 2009 and refined in 2010. This data is collected annually from all Greek organizations and scored by the college administration.

Further updates were made to the Greek Standards and the Relationship Statement (PDF) in May 2011. The revised document and scoring matrix (PDF) are available online.

To learn more about pledging, read Alfred State's pledging regulations.

Recognized Fraternities and Sororities



Delta Lambda Rho, a women's sorority is currently inactive on the campus and is not authorized to rush, pledge, or intake members as of Fall 2007.

Membership in Expelled Organizations

Students who choose to rush, pledge, and/or join an expelled organization can be charged disciplinarily and dismissed from the college. For more information, consult the Student Conduct Code.

  • Lambda Theta Phi (expelled October 2013)