Clubs and Organizations

Integrity. Civility. Respect. Leadership. Teamwork.

At Alfred State, you have an opportunity to live out the meaning of these words when you participate in our clubs and organizations. Joining "student communities" outside the classroom is a great way to make friends, build your resumé, exercise leadership and teamwork, and cultivate the interests that make you who you are.

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Visit PioneerLink to see our virtual bulletin board with posters for upcoming events, special announcements, and news. Browse our many campus organizations and departments, such as Health and Wellness, Career Development, or Student Activities to see what services they are providing to enhance your college experience. Each group also has a photo gallery for you to view.

College-wide Clubs and Organizations

  • Student Senate - The governance organization of the student body. Its purpose is to promote the general welfare of the college – especially that of its students. The student activities fee is the Senate’s operating budget and is disbursed and regulated to execute the organization’s purpose. Membership on the Executive Board and in all Student Senate-funded organizations is open to all students. The Student Senate is the major organizational link that connects the student body, the administration, and the local community. The Senate encourages active student involvement in all areas of college life. Student Senate meetings are held every other week.
  • Alfred Programming Board (APB) - A student-governed activity organization, funded through Student Senate. Its purpose is to schedule a variety of events to make college life more enjoyable. APB offers the campus concerts, club bands, comedians, solo performers, lectures, travel, and recreational tournaments. Membership in APB gives the students a shared sense of responsibility, reliability, and accomplishment.
  • Alfred Roleplaying Guild - ARG promotes participation in and appreciation of gaming activities by any and all members of Alfred State. We host weekly games and partner with APB and Late Night Events to host tournaments and other events related to gaming. If you like gaming we are the club for you!
  • Alfred State Dance Team
  • Alfred Hockey - Alfred State's own intramural hockey team.
  • Alfred State Information Security Team (ASIST)
  • Alfred State Japanese Dance Team
  • Alfred State Jesters - The Jesters are Alfred's very own comedy group that specializes in improv, skits, and stand-up performances. Our goal is to discover what it means to be funny while goofing around and becoming more social.
  • The Alfred State Transport Team helps students who are in need of transportation to and from the medical facilities in the area that are not emergency situations.
  • Alfred State Voices - Includes students with various musical backgrounds. It is part of a long-standing tradition of good choral music at Alfred State. The Voices perform a cappella, vocal jazz, show tunes, spirituals, today’s tunes, folk tunes from many countries, and classical choral music. It performs at campus concerts and community events. Meet the director, Linda Staiger.
  • Alfred Steppas Step Team - Provides the students of both Alfred State and Alfred University with the opportunity to have fun while developing leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. They do this through learning, practicing, and teaching different methods of hand, eye, and foot coordination. The Steppas perform at numerous events throughout the year on the Alfred State campus, the Alfred University campus, and in the Alfred community.
  • Caribbean Student Association (CSA) - The fundamental goal of CSA is to foster cultural awareness around Caribbean culture and topical issues. Through effective programming we seek to expose the entire Alfred community to the many assets of Caribbean life so that they too can feel a part of the Caribbean community. All members of the community, whether of Caribbean descent or not, are welcome in our organization.
  • Cheerleading
  • Collegiate FFA
  • Commuter Council - Both commuter and non-traditional students form the Commuter Council. Its purpose is to discover and help meet the needs of this very special group of Alfred State students by communicating views and concerns, maintaining contacts between the college and off-campus students, providing an avenue for campus activities, and assisting with problems pertaining to college and personal life. Members meet regularly with faculty and administrative advisers.
  • Drama (Student Theater Productions) - Committed to providing entertainment, both on stage and off, to the Alfred State campus and surrounding community. Typically, the Drama Club puts on two or three shows per year, ranging from musicals to Shakespeare, social-issues plays to comedies. Students are invited to get involved in any aspect of drama production. A successful production needs people to be acting on stage, performing backstage operations, (assistant) directing, operating lighting and/or sound boards, creating costumes and props, applying make-up, or designing/building sets. Drama Club officers -- president, vice president, secretary, public relations, and treasurer -- are vital to the operation of the club and show production. The ideal Drama Club member is hard-working, imaginative, dedicated to producing fantastic performances, and excited about working with other students to stage the best show possible. Every year, the club attends at least one professional theater production. Club members are active in Alfred State life in many ways, from attending Homecoming/Family Weekend events and being involved with Hot Dog Day celebrations to lending their theater experience to on- and off-campus events. Contact Janna Buckwalter, Drama Club adviser, to get involved.
  • Equestrian Club/Western Riding Team - Fosters interest and involvement among all students of this college in equines, including; all types of horseback riding; equine judging, equine shows and events; and all other interests expressed by members.
  • Ergo - Student literary and art magazine. It is published once each semester and contains poems, short stories, essays, art work, and photographs submitted by students, alumni, and occasionally faculty and staff. Ergo provides an opportunity for students to share their creative work with their peers and to obtain helpful feedback on their work. Content, format, and design of the magazine are decided by students.
  • GameNation - GameNation is a video game organization that promotes the understanding of gaming and Internet culture. GameNation holds programs that create unique social gaming experiences as well as have discussions about gaming and industry.
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Intervarsity Christian Fellowship - Our purpose is to establish and advance witnessing communities of students and faculty who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord; growing in love for God, God's word, God's people of every ethnicity and culture and God's purposes in the world.
  • Instrumental Music - There are two instrumental music ensembles on campus: the Alfred State Band and the Statesmen Jazz-Rock Ensemble. Rehearsals are held twice weekly. Any student who plays an instrument is welcome to come and play in the Concert Band and is also invited to play in the jazz band if he or she plays a jazz instrument. Additionally, in 2003 a pep band was created to foster school spirit. Meet the director, Gerald Ives.
  • International Club - Composed of students from the United States and other countries. It is one of the most active clubs on campus. You will be able to enjoy multicultural dinners or travel to cities such as Niagara Falls, Corning, New York City, or Washington, DC. The college welcomes diversity and the International Club is the group to help introduce different cultures to those around us.
  • Intramurals
  • Kaleidoscope Coalition - A multicultural group of students, faculty, and staff dedicated to creating meaningful experiences that provide students with new perspectives, new interactions, and a sense of belonging. This coalition strives to provide unique opportunities that educate while challenging students to open their minds and cherish new relationships in hopes of further developing their ability to relate to, work with, and serve others; provides resources to the campus community; and coordinates a calendar of events, programs, trainings, and initiatives that are intended to build awareness and encourage human growth.
  • Kendo Club
  • Late Night Alfred (login required) - A series of events presented on Friday and Saturday nights between the hours of 11 p.m. and 3 a.m. Late Night events are student-sponsored activities which provide on- and off-campus students an opportunity to meet new people, create lasting relationships, and enjoy their Alfred State experience. Late Night provides opportunities for students to have fun, gain programming experience, develop leadership, and interact responsibly. Late Night offers a variety of programs such as arts and crafts, live entertainment, recreational sports, movies, dances, and many other social events catering to the interests of a diverse student population.
  • Latin American Student Organization (LASO) - Exists to help identify and promote a more informative understanding of other cultures. The organization strives to support and create opportunities and improvement for personal growth, personal satisfaction, and leadership for its members. The members create relationships with other student organizations on and off campus that have a mutual purpose with this organization.
  • Lighthouse Christian Fellowship - Provides a liaison for students of Alfred State and local churches, pastoral care for students of Alfred State, communicates the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ on the Alfred State campus, and introduces others to a personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and to the baptism of the Holy Spirit with His present ministry in and through the believer. The club deepens and strengthens the spiritual life of Christian students of Alfred State through Bible study, prayer, and Christian fellowship.
  • Live to Fight - Raises awareness about cancer, strengthen ties between local and national organizations, raises funds for organizations dedicated to cancer research and support, promotes learning through campus and community events, works toward achieving the goals of all participating organizations, thereby upholding each organization’s values, and encourages collaboration of students, faculty, and staff at Alfred State and surrounding community to fight against cancer.
  • Modern Arnis and Martial Arts - Operates extensive karate programs on the Alfred State campus with emphasis on mind and body conditioning, self-defense, and sport karate. Considered an exercise of many styles, the open approach of Eclectic Martial Arts offers a community atmosphere for all levels of experience and martial arts background. Instruction is provided in a safe and healthy environment, where a student will learn karate techniques gradually, advancing as his/her abilities develop.
  • Newman Club - Provides a fun environment for personal, spiritual, and social growth rooted in the Catholic faith. The club exists to develop a sense of community among students.
  • Outdoor Recreation Club - Opportunity is provided for all students, faculty, and staff to participate in a wide variety of outdoor activities. Periodic trips are planned throughout the year. The program has offered seminars and skill sessions in cross-country and downhill skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing/rappelling, horseback riding, kayaking, canoeing, rafting, and camping techniques. As part of the program, a rental center is available where equipment can be checked out for personal use at a nominal fee. An indoor climbing cave is located in the MacKenzie Complex.
  • Pioneer Tae Kwon Do - Serves as a resource to all those with an interest in training and advancing in rank in Tae Kwon Do. It is open to all members of the Alfred State community—no experience is necessary. Pioneer Tae Kwon Do acts as a club for collective training and mutual support. Every member is a student of the art, including the instructors.
  • Pioneer Woodsmen’s Club - The purpose of the club is to educate the college and local community about the ideas, tools, and techniques of the competitive lumberjack community. The club also practices and selects a team to compete at intercollegiate competitions.
  • Rainbow Union - Alfred State’s gay-straight alliance, provides social opportunities and politically effective actions for members of the Alfred State gay, lesbian, and bisexual community and its supporters. Rainbow Union acts as an informative resource to assist and educate the entire Alfred State community regarding support and factual issues of the gay, lesbian, and bisexual community at large. RU sponsors many programs in conjunction with AU’s spectrum.
  • Robotics Club - The purpose of the robotics club shall be to provide a forum for interested students to: Promote interest and knowledge in the field of robotics, design and build both kit and unique projects and participate in various robotics competitions.
  • SkillsUSA
  • Statesman Jazz Ensemble - Rehearses on Monday and Thursday evenings, and plays a variety of music from pop and rock to big band and swing. The group performs two concerts during each school year, as well as at community and college events. It also performs with the Drama Club’s musical production and has joint concerts with the vocal group. The group is continually looking to increase its membership and encourage all those who play an instrument to join the group and participate in all the performances while having fun! Meet the director, Gerald Ives.
  • Statonian (yearbook)
  • Student Organization for Service (SOS) - SOS acts as a human services agency for students. We provide relevant information to students, faculty, staff, and community members on the following, but not limited to, topics: campus and community resources, government programs for assistance, civil rights, organizing, rallying, protesting, issues related to pregnancy (adoption, abortion, and federal aid), domestic violence: "where do I turn?", sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape. SOS also devotes itself to community service both on and off campus. SOS is a source for all students to find internships, network within their program, and work opportunities after graduation and during the summer.
  • Sustainability Club - Acts as an information hub for sustainability ideals for the Alfred State populace and local communities. It is a resource for sustainability education and aid. The club also will lobby and carry out projects that deal with sustainability issues.
  • Tap Dance Underground
  • Tor Echo - The college’s student newspaper. Students report campus events, sell advertising to area merchants, maintain the budget, write editorials and columns, lay out and design pages, take photographs, write headlines and photo cutlines, and work as a team to keep readers informed of campus news.
  • Ujima - Dedicated to enriching the environment in which African-American students live and learn at Alfred State. The society sponsors a variety of activities that have an academic, social, or cultural focus. It also promotes multi-cultural awareness through its programming and welcomes membership to all Alfred State students regardless of race.
  • WETD 90.7 FM Radio Station - The campus radio station offers students a chance to be involved in the exciting world of broadcasting. Programming consists of public service, sports, special events, and a tasteful blend of music.
  • WINS (Women In Non-Traditional Studies) - WINS promotes knowledge of women in male dominated fields.

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Honor Societies

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Greek Life

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Hall Councils/Residential Organizations

  • Campus Round Table (CRT)- CRT serves residents as follows:
    • Represents residents of the Alfred State residence halls
    • Provides a variety of campus-wide programs
    • Helps in developing strong hall councils
    • Strengthens community in residence halls and within the Alfred State community
    • Provides an established venue to voice concerns about quality of living in residence halls
    • Promotes leadership opportunities for residential students
    • Supports other campus organizations and events. Support may be, but is not limited to, finances, advertisements, and participation
    • Creates networks with other schools’ student voice groups

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Curriculum Clubs

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