Alfred State Webmail hosted by Office365

Alfred State Technology Services has joined with other SUNY institutions by joining Microsoft's Office365. Help is available. If you are a first-time user or are having difficulty with any of the listed features, please contact the Alfred State Help Desk at 607-587-HELP (4357) or download and use the Office365 Start-up Guide.

Office365 Features and Benefits

All students will be able to use the following Office365 features:

Microsoft Outlook 365

Office365 provides an optimized & professional email experience, similar to what you may use in your future workplace.

  • Get 10GB inbox, 20MB attachments
  • Protect email from spam & viruses

Microsoft Office Web Apps

Office365 provides you with the benefits of working with online documents using the familiar Microsoft Office experience.

  • Easily store files and documents online in a password protected environment
  • Access, view, and edit your online documents from home, classroom, library, or virtually any PC that is connected to the Internet

Office365 Mobile

Office365 services are available via mobile phones. Office365 Spaces are WAP enabled. Receive your email on your mobile phone through Exchange.