New calves.

Within the last couple of days, three calves were born. Unfortunately, all the three of them were male. I say unfortunately because we don't keep bulls at the farm. Since we can't keep them here we have to put them somewhere. Unfortunately, for the calves, that somewhere is usually the slaughter house. The truck came by this morning while we were washing the cows to pick up the calves. I got to help load them up. The two older ones, who were only a few days old, got in the truck without any problems.
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Working with new cows

I made through a week at the farm and I finally get to start breaking heifers. We have started out with four heifers about a month old. They aren't used to being near people or halters. The last time they were on a halter they were de-horned. We started chasing these things around the pen until one of us managed to grab ahold of one and get a halter on it. Then we had to get another one since there were two of us. The first two were fairly easy to catch and they did well when we walked them outside. The next two were the troublemakers.
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Starting work at the farm

I recently came to Alfred to stay at the college farm and work. As soon as I walk in the door I'm meet to my new housemate. Not long after hearing all the noise I'm being loved up by multiple friendly cats, one of them being a little kitten named Molly. By the time I have finished unpacking everyone else has already gone off to work. Even though I just got there I quickly got bored and decided to walk down to barn. At this point they had already begun milking. I have never actually seen this kind of equipment for milking and I was unsure of what to do.
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