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Environmental Technology

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"One of the greatest takeaways is the amount of hands-on experience we were allowed with the equipment and instrumentation."
James Reese, '16
Program Advantages: 

The major emphasis in the required courses is gaining proficiency in technical skills. Flexibility through the selection of technical electives will allow you to pursue an interest in a particular environmental sub-discipline and become better prepared for a specific type of job. Students in the program also have access to an outdoor laboratory - an engineered wetland treatment system in nearby Wellsville, NY.

Professional Outlook: 

Average salary in 2013 for environmental scientists with a college degree was $70,000. Job growth is expected to rise 15% by 2022.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Mark Amman
Pioneer Quotes: 

"I am very proud to be a graduate of the environmental technology program. The challenging and diverse curriculum of the environmental science discipline gave me specific knowledge and skills across a broad range of the professional field. One of the greatest takeaways while achieving my environmental technology AAS is the amount of hands-on experience we were allowed with the equipment and instrumentation. The project based learning not only gave me a better understanding of concepts and practices that comes from successfully completing and presenting relevant research projects, but also has instilled a high level of confidence that I will carry forward with me as I embark on my new career path." -James Reese, '16