Architectural Technology (BS)

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Degree Received: 
Bachelor of Science (BS)
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360 Virtual TourThis program is designed to provide graduates with a comprehensive architectural education combining a philosophic perspective of building design with an applied technical knowledge of construction systems and materials, acquired in a technically oriented studio structure. A variety of graphic tools and techniques are explored in the studio sequence, including freehand drawings, physical models, 2D and 3D building information modeling, and animation applications. Students are exposed to - and use throughout the program - a wide range of software programs (such as Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD, and Revit), graphics communication techniques, and problem-solving skills.

Entrance Requirements & Recommendations: 

Required: Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2/ Trigonometry, SAT and/or ACT scores with a recommended combined SAT score of 1,000 (critical reading and math) or a composite ACT score of 21.

Recommended: Pre-calculus, Physics

Graduation Requirements: 

Successfully complete all courses in the prescribed eight-semester program and earn a minimum cumulative index of 2.0, which is equivalent to a "C" average.

As part of the graduation requirements for Bachelor of Science in architectural technology, students must complete a portfolio according to the following guidelines:

  • The portfolio must contain a minimum of six (6) examples of creative academic work. These examples should demonstrate achievements as a designer. A minimum of two (2) examples must be from studio class projects in the last two years of the program. A maximum of two (2) examples may be of non-graphic work (example - written work).
  • Each example will be accompanied by a short description of the project and solution, and include the name of the class the project was produced for. If the item is part of a group effort, the specific role of the student should be included.
  • Completed portfolios must be submitted digitally in Patable Document Format (PDF) on a CD or as directed by the department chair.
  • Portfolios will be evaluated to determine whether they should be graded as "High Pass," "Pass," or "Fail." This assessment will appear on the student's permanent Alfred State transcript.
  • The completed portfolio must be submitted to the Department of Architecture and Design Office by April 1. This is an absolute deadline. Evaluation will be done on a yearly basis by faculty reviewers. All decisions are final.

Evaluation Criteria

Work in student portfolios should demonstrate:

  • Understanding of the philosophy of building design and problem solving skills, through original and thorough design thinking;
  • Ability to legibly communicate design ideas in graphic and written form;
  • A working knowledge of a variety of construction systems and materials and how they affect building design;
  • Competence in the use of graphic tools and techniques including freehand drawing, computer-aided drafting, physical models, and computer imaging.

Architectural Technology (AAS)

Application Code: 
Degree Received: 
Associate in Applied Science (AAS)
Academic Department Info: 

360 Virtual TourThe AAS in architectural technology program offers a concentration of courses in architectural design and graphic communication as well as material in related areas such as structures, mechanical systems, professional practice, and construction technology.

Entrance Requirements & Recommendations: 

Required: Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2/ Trigonometry   
Recommended: Physics


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