Information Technology - Web Development (BTech)

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Bachelor of Technology (BTech)
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The Bachelor of Technology degree in information technology: web development at Alfred State is designed to prepare graduates to enter the work force as IT professionals with a special emphasis in web development and applications. Web publishing, programming, and web server administration comprise the upper-level of courses. Additionally, the Web is integrated across the entire program beginning with the very first course. Through core courses students are given a general foundation in programming, database administration, networking, and microcomputer systems. Additional upper-level courses in oral and written communication, management, and business are provided. A semester-long internship is included.

Entrance Requirements & Recommendations: 

Required: Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2/ Trigonometry, SAT and/or ACT scores with a recommended combined SAT score of 1,000 (critical reading and math) or a composite ACT score of 21.

Graduation Requirements: 
  • 128 credit hours inclusive of physical education courses
  • 39 credit hours in major field required courses
  • 24 credit hours in professional courses
  • 18 credit hours in core concentration
  • 30 credit hours in liberal arts/general education courses
  • a 2.5 grade point average in the major is needed for the required internship
  • other requirements as stated in College academic regulations
  • 8 general education areas are required, with 3 of 5 (art, language, other world civilizations, American history, western civilization)
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