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students in front of computers in a classroom
students in front of computers in a classroom
"The design considerations taught in Drafting/CAD are key principles that make your students stand out."
Theodore Blizinski, Manager Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corporation (BMPC)
Program Advantages: 

Students tackle authentic industrial problems in a real-life industrial setting. Often, there are actual design problems in the community to address or on-campus projects that need help from Drafting/CAD. With this hands-on training, students not only understand the principles but can also put their skills to work for an employer from day one.

Professional Outlook: 

Starting salaries range from $32,000 - $54,000* depending on area. Full benefits including health, dental, and vision with matching employer retirement. Students can get multiple job offers and many companies come to us when recruiting due to the excellent experience they receive.

*Based on job offers recent grads are receiving.
Karen M. Young
Pioneer Quotes: 

"I really enjoyed the class sizes at Alfred, they are small enough that there is a very personal touch. Instructors are very helpful and encouraging to do our best." -Holly Clark, '16

"After I learned about the hands-on learning at Alfred and the job placement, I knew Alfred State Drafting/CAD was for me. Faculty help you reach your goals!" -Wyatt Benda

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Computerized Design and
Manufacturing Department

"The structure in the classroom, and team building projects helped me realize my own potential. I would highly recommend it to someone looking to do a hands-on learning approach." -Tanner Propheter