Fondue night!

Last night was an RA program... Fondue party!!! Who would have thought the building owned a fondue set? My roommate and I helped out by cutting up fresh pineapple and fruit for the chocolate fondue. It was a lot of fun, and perfect for taking the edge off after a long day of school work.
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Sick. Lame.

Sitting in my Science Technology and Society, I started getting nauseas half-way through the class. After class, I crawled to the Engineering building (the building I practically LIVE in) and into the mac lab to start some work. 

I felt like death! As I left the room, a very nice, concerned faculty member, who saw me in the hall offered to help. She drove me to the nurse's office (it's a hike) who let me rest there as she took vitals, etc. Then gave me loads of goodies...

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