Center Infrastructure

The Center for Organic and Sustainable Agriculture (COSA) will have:

  1. An organic dairy herd of 40 cows
  2. A conventional dairy herd of 40 cows
  3. Organic vegetable production
  4. Organic commodity crop production (growing crops such as corn, soybeans, wheat and hay) at the Groveland, NY site.
  5. Farm-based alternative energy production

COSA is located on 750 acres that make up the Alfred State College Farm, of which 220 acres is certified as organic by NOFA-NY, with plans to transition half the dairy to organic production. COSA will also have access to part of 300 acres owned by Alfred State College in Groveland, NY. A portion of the Groveland site has already begun transition to organic production.

COSA is a public teaching and research facility operated as if it were a private, for-profit farm to serve as a valid model for working farms in the region.

Key attributes of the Center include the following:

  • Teaching facilities for classes at Alfred State College and for other local educational institutions teaching about agriculture, veterinary technology, engineering technology, business management, technology management, and culinary arts.
  • COSA includes applied research facilities for faculty, students, and researchers to conduct practical, applied research in profitable natural resource management. The results from applied research trials at Alfred State will be transferred to the public through symposiums, Web sites, publications, and direct tours.
  • COSA engages local communities through workshops, demonstrations, and other events to provide local farmers, professionals, and community members a working model for organic and sustainable production practices.