Campus Resources for Agriculture Education and Training

The Institute for Sustainability Training and Conference Center

This Center will host short-course programs in both agriculture and renewable energy. The Center will include distance education technology for collaborating with colleges, high schools, and extension services throughout the country.

The Food Preparation and Marketing Center and Pavilion

This Center will train students to wash and package berries and vegetables, prepare cheeses, jellies, and syrups, and market them through a retail outlet. The student-managed storefront will be open daily; covered pavilions will host weekly markets by local growers and artisans.

The Dairy and Livestock Training Center

This Center will educate and train students to manage small organic and conventional dairy herds, and produce grass-fed meat and eggs for specialty markets. The Center will include barns, cropland, storage buildings, and machinery.

Farm Machinery

The Center for Organic and Sustainable Agriculture will be equipped with duplicate sets of farm machinery for crop production, livestock care, and farm maintenance. These duplicate sets will allow instructors to adequately train students in machinery applications within the brief timespan of short courses and summer workshops.


The Center will be staffed by experts in business planning, marketing, agronomy, dairy, alternative livestock, horticulture, and veterinary medicine, with additional support staff within each discipline. Experienced farmers and other educational partners will host workshops at the Center for Organic and Sustainable Agriculture, or via the Center's teleconferencing facilities.