High School Teacher Information Form

The high school teacher information form must be filled out and faxed to (607) 587-3295 in order for you to have access to BannerWeb and Alfred State Webmail.

Once this information has been processed, you will be assigned an Alfred State College computer network account username and password. A pin number will be generated and e-mailed to your Alfred State e-mail. You will need this PIN to access BannerWeb.

To access your Alfred State Webmail account, go to: https://my.alfredstate.edu/faculty-and-staff-home and click on Webmail in the top left corner.

Alfred State College uses a standard username format as follows:

  • First six letters of your last name + first letter of your first name + first letter of your middle name
    • Example: John Q. Hopkins username would be HopkinJQ
    • Deb Q Long's username would be LongDQ
    • Greg Troops (no middle name) username would be TroopsG
  • Occasionally, there will be several users with the same username. In this case, a numeric value is appended to the end of the username.
    • For example, let's say there are three John J Adams. Their usernames would be: AdamsJJ AdamsJJ2 AdamsJJ3

For a password, Alfred State College initially uses your birthday typed like so: mmddyyyy. So, if your birthday was Nov. 22,1983, your initial password would be: 11221983

Note that this password must be changed the first time you logon.