Rates and Fees

Category Facility Fee Basis
Auditoriums Cappadonia Auditorium $300 Per day
  Wellsville Activities Center $300 Per day
Athletic Facilities Orvis Center Gym $400 Per day
  Orvis Center Pool $150 Per day
  Football Field including rest rooms $750 Per day
  Non-Football Field $150 Per day
  Outdoor Track including rest rooms $300 Per day
  Wrestling Room $75 Per day
  Wellsville Activities Center $250 Per day
  Locker Rooms $50 Per day
  Fitness Center $5 Per person, per day
Lecture Halls Physical and Health Sciences 120 $150 Per day
  EJ Brown 119 $150 Per day
  Engineering 215 $150 Per day
Classrooms Standard Classroom $50 Per day
  Foundation Room (Wellsville) $50 Per day
  Board Room (Wellsville) $50 Per day
  Orvis Lounge $50 Per day
  Computer Classroom $150 Per day
  Distance Learning $250 Per session
Conference Rooms Administration Building (Wellsville) $50 Per meeting
  Physical and Health Sciences $50 Per meeting
  Agricultural Science $50 Per meeting
  EJ Brown $50 Per meeting
  Engineering Technology $50 Per meeting
  Huntington Building $50 Per meeting
  Orvis Activities Center $50 Per meeting
  Pioneer Center $50 Per meeting
  Student Development Center $50 Per meeting
  Student Gathering Place $50 Per meeting
  Townhouse Commons $50 Per meeting
Student Leadership Center Single Conference Room $50 Per day
  Double Conference Room $100 Per day
  Small Event Space $150 Per day
  Park Space $400 Per day
Dining Rooms CDH Main Dining Room $250 Per day
  CDH Allegany Room $150 Per day
  Student Gathering Place $150 Per day
  MacKenzie Dining Room $100 Per day
  Culinary Arts Center (Wellsville) $200 Per day
Residence Halls Lounges/Recreation Areas $75 Per day
  Linen/Bed Prep/Strip $15 Per occurrence
  Towel Replacement $5 Per occurrence
  Corridor/Suite Double Accommodation $25 Per bed/day
  Corridor/Suite Single Accommodation $35 Per bed/day
  Townhouse Single Accommodation $45 Per bed/day
  Check-in/Out Services $25 Per person/hour
  Facility Supervision $15 Per person/hour
  Damages/Extraordinary Cleaning   Per established fee schedule
Conference Center/Reception Hall Lake Lodge $350 Per day
  Lake Lodge $200 Wedding on-site
  Lake Lodge $100 Day before on-site wedding

These costs do not include technical services, labor, equipment, security, or other special needs stipulated by the renter.