Traffic Procedures

Commencement 2014

Parking for the Commencement ceremony will be on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. There are parking lots adjacent to the Commencement site; however, these lots will fill quickly. Parking is permitted in any legal parking space on campus. Officers will be posted around campus at the closest available lots. If there is an officer on a post, that means that is the closest available parking.

Handicapped parking will be available near the Commencement site. Lot #19 and half of Lot #20 will be reserved by University Police for vehicles with government issued handicapped permits or a permit issued by the University Police for the day. Once those lots are filled, we will allow individuals to be dropped off near the Commencement site but parking will not be allowed there.

Anyone wishing to obtain a handicapped permit for the day should contact Lt. Heller at the University Police Department at 607-587-3999 Monday-Friday 8 a.m.- 4 p.m. no later than Friday, May 16.

Ample parking is available throughout the campus. ACES will be running a free shuttle service from the parking lots to the Commencement site. The shuttle will stop as needed to pick people up along the loop.

The village speed limit is 30 mph and campus speed is 25 mph, both are strictly enforced.

University Police Officers will be on duty to enforce traffic regulations. Any disabled person who desires assistance should contact an officer.