Write, Call, E-mail, or Phone Your Local Representatives

Support A.6915/S.4709 Tuition Plan for SUNY

A message from Dr. John M. Anderson, President of Alfred State College

Dear Alfred State College Alumni and Friends,

Despite the fact that the NYS budget passed on time, there is still much work to be done.

SUNY needs a 5-year tuition plan that is fair, predictable and responsible.

  • Fair because it protects access and affordability.
  • Predictable because it allows students and families to plan over a 5-year period.
  • Responsible because all of it is invested in completion.

All of our constituencies agree.

  • The Chancellor has proposed a 5-year rational tuition plan.
  • The Board of Trustees passed a resolution authorizing the Chancellor to negotiate a 5-year rational tuition plan.
  • The Student Assembly passed a legislative agenda with rational tuition at its core.
  • The Faculty Senate passed a resolution supporting a rational tuition plan.
  • Many legislators, business leaders, and all major Upstate and Long Island newspapers have lent their support.
  • New Yorkers agree, with a majority supporting tuition control by the Board of Trustees, according to the latest Siena Poll.

Assemblymember Crystal Peoples (A.6915) and Senator Seward S. 4709 have introduced legislation which includes:

  • Providing for a five year tuition plan that allows the SUNY Board of Trustees to set annual tuition provided that it does not rise more than 5.5.% a year for each of the next five years
  • Repeal of Section 355 (8-b) of the Education Law, thereby eliminating the tuition sweep from 2009-2010 and returning the full amount of the funds swept back to SUNY;
  • Placing state support received, and tuition and fees charged by SUNY in a fiduciary account or some other form of “lock box” whereby tuition and fees would be disaggregated from other general funds, and thus, not subject to future sweeps into the general fund; and
  • Statutorily prohibiting the use of incremental increases in tuition to backfill cuts in state support for SUNY by requiring the State to fund SUNY to at least an established baseline year and requiring the State to fund SUNY to at least an established baseline year, plus some additional funding to cover mandatory costs

The proposed legislation would go a long way to ensure that SUNY and Alfred State can continue to provide the exceptional education they are known for.

We need your help-and we need it now.

There is a wonderful opportunity to let your voices be heard. I am asking you to please write, call, e-mail, or phone your local representatives and urge them to support/co-sponsor Senate bill 4709 sponsored by Senator Seward and Assembly bill 6915 sponsored by Assemblywoman Peoples-Stokes.

What can you do to help?

To send your state legislators an e-mail and urge them to show their support for SUNY, go to the SUNY Advocates Web site. It's fast and easy.