History of Alfred Association of Women

In 1963 Mrs. Vera Hinkle, wife of President Walter Hinkle, founded the Alfred State Faculty Wives.  The club was organized as a social group so that newcomers and members could become acquainted with each other.  At this time, faculty wives were asked to entertain dignitaries who came to the College and to help where they were needed as a service to the College.  Monthly meetings were held beginning with a fall tea for newcomers.  These continued throughout the 30 year existence.

Over the years the constitution was amended to include women faculty and later was open to all women of the College and the community.

In 1964 President Hinkle passed away.  The organization decided to contribute to the Hinkle Bell Tower.  Their fund raising projects at that time were card parties and food sales.  Donations from the college community also helped this cause. 

Service projects began in 1969-70.  The club supported foreign students, Students Involved in Community Action (SICA), Senior Citizens, and some grants workers.

In 1972 the club voted to revise the constitution which stated that "the purpose of the organization shall be to provide social and intellectual enrichment among its members and afford opportunities for community service."

In 1979 the organization's name was changed again to Alfred State College Association of Women and remained until it dissolved. 

In the late seventies one of the most successful programs was a reception and art show by Tom O'Grady, a Wellsville artist.  One hundred and seventy-five attended.

The members worked on several community projects:  Senior Citizens Tea, nursing home cheer, and work with SICA.  It brought migrant children to campus for the day, made toys for Perkinsville Day Care Center, collected canned goods for the needy, and made SICA Christmas baskets.  These are just a few service projects which were done by the members.

Each year many interest groups were organized:  beginners and couples bridge group, dinner club, book club, and fitness programs, and golf lessons.  Additionally more activities included an investment group, newcomers group, arts and crafts, shopping trips, family picnic, and monthly luncheons.  These were just a few activities that the members enjoyed.

The Association of Women has been remembered for the amount of money they raised for scholarships for needy students, older returning students, and women.  Some big fund raisers were raffling a computer, Monte Carlo nights, two very successful cook book sales, fashion shows, dinner dances, next to new sales, and bake sales.  These events raised over $25,000 for the scholarship program.  This accomplishment was by its members and the college community.

Past Presidents

The following women served as president from 1963-1994.

  • 1963-64 Virginia Smith
  • 1964-65 Jean Stopper
  • 1965-66 Phyllis Herrick
  • 1966-67 Patricia Hale
  • 1967-68 Dorothy Palmer
  • 1968-69 Sandra Hackett
  • 1969-70 Senta Streeter
  • 1970-71 Joyce Eldridge
  • 1971-72 Heather Meacham
  • 1972-73 Diane Conde
  • 1973-74 Beverly Potter
  • 1974-75 Renae Keesbury
  • 1975-76 Kay Barber
  • 1976-77 Ann Cardman
  • 1977-78 Jeanne Massey
  • 1978-80 Gertrude Butera
  • 1980-81 Sandra Hackett
  • 1981-83 Mona Iven
  • 1983-84 Rosemary Fischer
  • 1984-87 Marie Babcock
  • 1987-88 Carol Woughter
  • 1988-89 Susan Hunt
  • 1989-90 Nadine Shardlow
  • 1990-92 Beverly Gilbert
  • 1992-93 Ervilla Crandall
  • 1993-94 Beverly Gilbert

Past Honorary Presidents

  • Vera Hinkle, Founder 1963
  • Mary Huntington, 1964-1986
  • Lyla Beth Hunter, 1986-1993

Special thanks go to many loyal and untiring members who served as officers, committee chair persons, as well as members, and those women who supported the Association.

Alfred State Association of Women dissolved in 1994 in the same fine tradition as when it was started in 1963.  It is part of the history during this period, 1963-1994.

Submitted by Mary C. Huntington
Oct. 4, 2006