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Does Alfred State allow cross registration at any other colleges?


Yes, full-time, matriculated students can cross register for courses at certain participating colleges for courses not available at Alfred State. Cross registration is only allowed for the fall and spring semesters. Tuition is not assessed but students must pay any fees required by the other school.

Future Students: 

Am I allowed to audit a course at Alfred State College, i.e., take a course without receiving credit or a grade?


You may audit a course with permission from the instructor of the course. If you are a current student or over age 60, you will not be charged any tuition. If you are not enrolled as a student at ASC, you will have to pay a non-refundable fee at the time of registration. Auditors will not receive college credit for audited courses and cannot use these courses toward financial aid eligibility. Further information is available <-- LINK NEEDED -->

How do I notify Alfred State College if I have a change in my address and/or phone number?


Students can access and update their own personal information by selecting the Personal Information Menu after logging in to the secure area of BannerWeb for Students. Changes can also be submitted to the Student Records and Financial Services Office by printing and completing the Student Data Change Form.

What do I do if I feel that I am familiar with the course material for a particular class and do not wish to take it?


This is called challenging a course and you must be a matriculated student in order to do so. If you have already earned a grade in the particular course or are currently registered in the course, you cannot challenge it. You can see if a course can be challenged by contacting the department chair of that particular academic area. If they agree to process the challenge, you must take and pass an exam.  Various fees will apply.

What if I decide that I want to switch to a different major during my studies and does it cost anything to do this?


If you wish to switch to a different major during your course of study and prior to applying for graduation, you can do so by processing a curriculum change form with both your current department chair and your anticipated department chair. There is no fee for this; however, check with the Student Records and Financial Services Office for possible ramifications on your financial aid. Also, per academic regulations, such changes must be processed by the end of the fourth week of classes for the current semester. Changes after the fourth week will be effective for the subsequent semester depending on the student's academic standing.

How do I notify the college that I am eligible for the GI Montgomery bill?


Students who are eligible for the GI Montgomery Bill should contact the certifying official in the Student Records and Financial Services Office. Students will have to submit an application for benefits, and where applicable, provide a copy of their discharge papers (DD-214).  Contact your local VA Representative for information on any other benefits you may be eligible for.

What if I enroll in a class and later realize that I don’t like the class or am doing poorly in the class?


You will be able to drop a class during a semester per academic regulations and by dates on the academic calendar. Depending when the class is dropped, a fee may be charged and your financial aid may be affected. Contact the Student Records and Financial Services Office for further information.

What if I have to interrupt my studies in the middle of a semester?


Students may withdraw or take a leave of absence before the end of an academic term as long as they do so according to academic regulations and by the dates on the academic calendar. Contact your department representative to initiate this process. After 30 instructional days, grades of G (withdrew passing) or H (withdrew failing) will be issued for the semester. Should you have questions on how this will affect your financial aid, or for questions regarding your bill, liability/refund, contact the Student Records and Financial Services Office.

How do I find out who my student adviser is once I have been accepted?


Approximately one month before classes start, a letter will be sent to you indicating who your adviser is and where his/her office is located.


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