Undeclared Major

Code # 0000

Dr. Kathleen Ebert, Program Coordinator

Email address: ebertkc@alfredstate.edu

The undeclared major serves students who are undecided about their choice of study or career goals. The student has an opportunity to select a course of study the first two semesters that fits his/her interests and background.

A student enrolled in the undeclared major program must transfer to a degree-granting program within two semesters of admission. Depending on the choice of a major, a student may enter the workforce upon graduation, or opt to continue his/her education at a four-year institution.

Many support services, including career planning and counseling, are offered through the college provided for students in this program.

Since the primary goal of the program is to explore various academic areas of interest, individual course schedules will vary. The suggested program below includes both a component of core courses (English, math, social science) and a component of electives in support of the student’s interests.


Required: Algebra

Recommended: Biology