Pre-Environmental Science and Forestry

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Dr. Kathleen Ebert, Program Coordinator

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This program is designed for those students who ultimately desire a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in environmental sciences and/or associate degree in forestry or natural resource conservation from the SUNY (State University of New York) College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF). Program options available within this program include environmental and forest biology, chemistry, forest resources management, forest ecosystems science and forest resources management, environmental studies, forest engineering, paper science and engineering, construction management and wood products engineering, landscape architecture or the 1+1 forest technology program (NYS Ranger School) as well as 1+1 programs in Environmental & Natural Resources Conservation and a 1+1 Land Surveying Technology.

After the first two years of study at Alfred State, transfers to ESF may apply to a variety of programs at Syracuse. These include: the biological sciences (botany and forestry pathology, entomology, zoology, wildlife biology, pest management); chemistry (natural and synthetic polymers, biochemistry and natural products, environmental); forest engineering; paper science engineering; wood products engineering; and forestry (resource management, forest resource science, management science, environmental education and communications, urban forestry, world forestry, applied resource management). The program in landscape architecture leads to a baccalaureate degree after one additional year, a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree (BLA).

A student taking the pre-ESF 1+1 ranger option, forest technology, natural resources conservation, or land surveying, completes one year of required liberal arts and science courses at Alfred State and then spends the second year at the Wanakena Campus of ESF. Successful completion of this program leads to an AAS degree in forest technology.

Due to the diverse nature of the various options, illustration of a typical four-semester course outline is not possible. Persons planning to transfer should follow the program requirements in consultation with our pre-environmental science and forestry campus adviser in the selection of all courses including electives.



Alfred State pre-environmental science and forestry graduates may enter directly into the technology management BBA degree program.


Students in this program spend two years at Alfred State and then generally transfer to the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) at Syracuse. Those students who complete, with a “C” or better, the lower-division sequences prescribed by ESF, gain admission to ESF1 with full junior status. An articulation agreement is available with SUNY ESF at Syracuse.


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Agricultural Business

Agricultural Technology

Biological Science

Construction Management

Environmental Technology

Individual Studies

Liberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities

Liberal Arts & Sciences: Math & Science

Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science



Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2/Trigonometry; Biology; Chemistry or Physics



Both Chemistry and Physics