Liberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities

AA Degree – Code #0201

Calista McBride, Program Coordinator

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Liberal arts & sciences: humanities is for those planning to continue their education at a four-year college or university. By careful selection of elective credits, the graduate is qualified to enter a baccalaureate program as a third-year student in a variety of fields. The program also serves an exploratory function for those students who have not decided on a field of study or a specific career.

The liberal arts & sciences: humanities program prepares students for life by stressing the importance of reading, writing, and thinking while developing in them an appreciation of the arts and the wisdom of great minds.


  1. Create written communication appropriate for audience and purpose and which meets standards of style, clarity, and grammatical correctness as described in the Writing Rubric.
  2. Create oral communication appropriate for audience and purpose and which meets standards of presentation as described in the Effective Speaking Rubric.
  3. Construct and recognize arguments in both written and oral formats that are free from logical defects, as described in the Critical Thinking Rubric.
  4. Use library, online, and other resources to locate and evaluate scholarly articles and other research materials.
  5. Create research-based prose in literature, history, philosophy, or the arts.
  6. Articulate the relevance of the humanities to the self and society.
  7. Complete eight of the 10 SUNY General Education requirements and meet the two infused competencies.
  8. Understand self and demonstrate sensitivity to others of different cultures or perceptions to work constructively in a pluralistic society.
  9. Analyze and appraise moral and ethical dilemmas.
  10. Analyze and evaluate the obligations of knowledge to promote common good.


Alfred State liberal arts & sciences: humanities graduates may enter directly into the technology management BBA degree program.


Employment and transfer rate of 100 percent – 17 percent are employed; 83 percent transferred to continue their education.


Health Information Technology

Human Services

Individual Studies

Liberal Arts & Sciences: Math & Science

Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science



Required: Algebra

Recommended: Geometry, Biology