Civil Engineering Technology Department

Jeffrey K. Marshall, Chair,

Phone: (607) 587-4649; Email:; Fax: (607) 587-4620

The Civil Engineering Technology department offers a bachelor’s program in construction management engineering technology to serve the construction industry and the civil engineering profession as well as an associate degree program in construction engineering technology. Additionally it offers associate and bachelor degree programs in surveying engineering technology to serve the surveying profession. Students are required to have laptops. The laptops allow students wireless access to the campus network from any location on campus.


To provide graduates with the skills necessary to have a successful career in their chosen field, have a better understanding of the world we live in, and improve their own lives.


The Civil Engineering Technology department offers all students in the department use of extensive laboratory facilities that enhance each student’s learning experience as it relates to his/her chosen program.

Construction Management Laboratory – Equipped with 20 computer work stations in conjunction with appropriate estimating software and hardware to digitize quantities from drawings and work up estimates with minimal manual input. Software commonly used for project scheduling and planning is also used with the computers in this facility to develop PERT and CPM charts. Construction Project Administration software is also used in this lab.

Soils, Concrete, and Material Testing Laboratory – Provides a meaningful experience in laboratory and field testing of various construction materials and structural systems. The equipment enables students to learn procedures that meet recognized field testing procedures of the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Hydraulics Laboratory – Equipped to offer students an applied as well as theoretical approach to the study of hydraulic problems encountered in civil engineering technology and the construction industry.

Surveying Computations Laboratory – Contains microcomputer workstations, plotters, digitizers, and overhead projection systems. It is designed to support the 'field-to-finish' concept of surveying data collection, data reduction, and analysis as well as computer-aided drafting and design. Students use this facility to work with land development and design software, geographic information system software, and the reduction of satellite data. This lab enables students to do word processing, spreadsheet analysis, programming, data analysis, networked computer-aided design and drafting, and advanced 3D modeling.

Surveying Laboratory and Equipment Room – Serves as the basic laboratory/lecture area for surveying field/design projects. Adjacent to this lab is the room housing a myriad of equipment, including electronic total stations, global positioning satellite equipment, theodolites, transits, and levels.


Construction Engineering Technology (AAS)

Construction Management Engineering Technology (BS)

Surveying Engineering Technology (AAS and BS)