Graduation Requirements

Individual programs are listed in the college catalog, and these listings include both the general and technical components necessary for completion of degree requirements. Each degree, except the AOS, has certain minimum requirements that must be met in the liberal arts and sciences, typically social science, natural science, mathematics, humanities, and physical education. Further, with the exception of AOS degree programs, all programs have specific SUNY General Education requirements. These are included in the Academic Regulations contained on the Alfred State website. For more information regarding the specific graduation requirements for your program, contact your adviser or department chair. Further information regarding SUNY General Education requirements as well as the list of courses approved for General Education and the list of courses approved for Liberal Arts and Sciences can be found at under "Current Students” followed by “Records Office.”

In addition, all students who plan to graduate must apply for graduation online through Banner Web, which can be found through a Quick Link on, or must submit a Degree Application Form to the Student Records and Financial Services Office. Online access and forms are available to all students during restricted times throughout the semester in which they expect to graduate.

Students are expected to meet regularly with their academic advisers who will assist with academic problems and monitor progress toward satisfaction of graduation requirements for the degree. Degree evaluations can be viewed within the secure area of Banner Web for students.

It is important for students to know the current graduation requirements for their program. Per Academic Regulation 102, “Each individual student has ultimate responsibility for understanding and adhering to each of these regulations and for meeting the requirements for graduation as stated herein.” Please see Academic Regulation 200 Graduation Requirements for complete information. Further, students who readmit must comply with degree requirements at the time of readmission. Students should direct specific questions to their advisers/department chairs.

The graduation eligibility of expected graduates is checked and finalized by academic departments. Final graduation lists are submitted to the registrar by academic departments per the published End of the Semester Timetable.