Course Auditing

Course auditors must secure permission to take a class from the instructor of the class. Approval forms are available from the Student Records and Financial Services Office or can be printed from our website under "Forms" at Return the approved form to the Student Records and Financial Services Office before the last day to register.

Course auditors will be permitted to audit courses on a space-available basis. Enrolled students receiving credit will be given priority. Auditors will not be enrolled or listed in the registrar’s rosters, will attend without credit or grade, will attend without formal recognitions, and will not be required to meet the course requirements. Audited courses are not eligible for financial aid. Auditors are responsible for all associated costs of the course. A student may retake such a course for credit in a subsequent semester.

Course auditors who are currently enrolled at the college will not be charged tuition. A nonrefundable $50 registration fee will be charged to auditors who are not enrolled at the college. Special auditors, individuals over the age of 60, are invited to audit classes with no registration fees. Texts and/or class materials are at the expense of the auditor. Contact the Student Records and Financial Services Office for more information.