Residential Life

Residential Life believes that a student’s residence hall experience should be as individually suited to his/her needs and interests as possible. On this basis, Alfred State offers a lifestyle approach to residence hall living. Within the limits of college policy, various lifestyle areas are offered, and students may choose the area which best suits them. The following styles are located in designated areas of certain residence halls:

No Smoking – All of our residential facilities are smoke-free.

Baccalaureate Lifestyle – Available in Peet Hall only. This lifestyle option provides an opportunity for students in the baccalaureate programs to reside together.

Substance-free Lifestyle – This lifestyle is designed for the student interested in living within a tobacco-free and alcohol-free area. All guests and visitors are also required to abide by the substance-free lifestyle while visiting the area. Each student signs a contract pledging to remain substance free while living in this area. If you are not totally committed to the restrictions, this lifestyle is not for you.

Healthy Living Lifestyle - The healthy living option is available for those students choosing to live in a positive environment that focuses on the six dimensions of wellness: physical, social, spiritual/emothional, occupational, intellectural, and culture.

24 and Over Lifestyle – This lifestyle option was created to address the special needs of nontraditional students, e.g. self-governed quiet hours and the ability to stay in the residence hall during breaks. Available in Main Gate B only.

Quiet Study – Guarantees a student a quiet area to study and reside. Mandatory 24-hour quiet. Stereos and radios are allowed but kept at a minimal noise level. Areas are available in certain residence halls.

Over 21 – A student must be 21 or older at the beginning of the academic year. MacKenzie West, North, and Main Gate A offer this lifestyle option.

Living and Learning Community – First-year student community in Burdick Hall. As a first-year student, you have the opportunity to become a member of our Leadership Living and Learning Community (LLC) and take the knowledge you are acquiring in the classroom and connect it with experiences outside the classroom, making you more prepared to tackle your college experience than other students! For more information, visit

Architectural Living and Learning Community (ALLC) – Baccalaureate architecture majors can explore their field of study in an exciting new way. Members of the ALLC can study, live, work, and engage with their faculty, all in their own residence hall and with other architecture students. Peet Hall is this ALLC's home and provides access to Architecture work labs, study space, newly renovated meeting space and kitchenettes, all steps away from your room.

Nursing Living Learning Community (NLLC) -- Freshman nursing majors have the opportunity to be a part of a community dedicated to helping new nursing students transition into the nursing curriculum. Besides participating in a cohort seminar led by nursing faculty within their residence halls, this NLLC provides a quiet atmosphere and enhanced opportunities to learn from and connect with their faculty.

Townhouse Style Living -- Apartment-style living for sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Services available in the residence halls include laundry and vending machines, kitchenette, a recreational room, study areas, and computer labs.